Christmas through the Decades: Gross Point #7, 1997

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Christmas 1997… and the inhabitants of Gross Point, the town so weird it made Eerie, Indiana look positively pedestrian in comparison, were settling in for a suitably morbid Yuletide in the pages of Gross Point #7. The book was DC’s late ‘90s stab at comics sitcom with a supernatural twist, and followed teenagers Terri and Brian Pickett as they tried to adjust to life in the bizarre town of Gross Point after their parents had uprooted them and moved there.

Gross Point is no Dullsville, U.S.A. however. While the kids’ parents remain blissfully unaware of what an odd place it is, Terri and Brian spend the fourteen issues of this series encountering the likes of lovelorn zombie heirs, ghostly teenage detectives and monster schoolboys. The book perhaps never quite lived up to its potential but there was enough gruesome fun to be had from its year or so of publication to make it worth hunting down the run in the back issue bins should the mood take you. And it had some of the best footnotes (remember them?) in the history of comics…

In this piece of festive grotesquerie the Pickett family face an impoverished Christmas when dad Howard accidentally spends $12,000 on a giant gold nosehair clipper for his nasally-challenged boss Mr. Septum. Distraught at the thought of their cancelled Xmas plans the Pickett twins wish they had never been born – only to find themselves in a kind of Bizarro version of It’s a Wonderful Life wherein they are shown how great a place the world would have become without their presence in it.

For all those who prefer to dream of a black Christmas, Gross Point #7 was a most suitably macabre and cynical celebration of the holiday season…


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