The Jim Lee & Geoff Johns at Midnight Comics Midnight Signing Report

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New Yorker Jonathan Chuang got in line and got his comics signed at the Geoff Johns & Jim Lee Midnight Signing at Midtown Comics. Here's his report:

I arrived in Manhattan at 8 PM after a three hour bus ride from upstate New York.  My plan was to meet a friend for dinner and then head over to Midtown Comics for the midnight release and signing of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League of America #1, the last issue of the old continuity and the first of the new.  But, as I walked down 40th Street, I saw that the line to the comic shop where the signing was going to take place already stretched down halfway down the block and appeared to be growing by the second.  I quickly called my friend to cancel and got on the back of the queue.  

I was lucky that I did, because two and a half hours later, when Midtown staff members were distributing tickets, we found out that the cutoff for “gold ticket” holders, or those that were guaranteed admission, was only a few people behind me. The rest were on standby.  Although the majority of those ticket holders did eventually get in, I would have hated to wait three and a half hours and be unsure of whether or not I would get in.

Not much happened throughout the four hours that I waited in line.  The Midtown Comics newsletter had mentioned some contests and prizes, but these events seemed to be over before I arrived.  When I first got in line, there were a pair of cosplayers dressed as the new Supergirl and Black Canary posing for pictures and holding brand new DC Direct statues, which I assumed were prizes for the costume contest.  Later the gentleman behind me told me about pictures he had seen of Geoff Johns serving pizza to those waiting in line, but that had apparently happened hours earlier.  The Midtown staff did go around periodically distributing some DC swag, though.  I scored myself a $50 Wayne Casino chip and a Red Lantern ring.

I was a bit disappointed when the time finally came for us to buy our comics and get them signed.  Because of the massive line and the late hour the event wound up running like a very efficient assembly-line rather than a typical signing for fans. I was excited to meet Lee and Johns and was hoping to maybe get a picture of them or ask a question or two (Is this the end of Elseworld stories? How long will you two be on Justice League?), but didn’t get to do either.

Still, I can now say that I was at the big launch party for DC’s 52 and got to get my books early and signed by Lee and Johns.  Not a bad evening.


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