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With the massive library on its sassy, gore and grimm version of Wonderland being developed over at Zenescope over the last few years, it might be helpful to have a visual reminder of all the stories to date, to have a time-line of sorts.


Welcome the present with these titles, shipping to stores worldwide in March 2013:


Written by Raven Gregory, art by Sheldon Goh, covers by Stjepan Sejic, Ale Garza.

Calie and Violet find themselves face to face with the cannibalistic flower girls from Wonderland who are intent on using them for their own diabolical designs. It's up to Calie to find a way to defeat them and save Violet from becoming just another flower in their garden of madness. Elsewhere in Wonderland, the Queen of Spades has the Red Queen right where she wants her. But is her victory assured, or will the Red Queen find a way to overcome the darkness that threatens to consume Wonderland? The best selling and critically-acclaimed ongoing Wonderland series continues here!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Dan Wickline, art by TBD, covers by Mike Krome, Sean Chen.

The mind-bending sequel to Call of Wonderland is here! Detective Legrasse's investigation into the recent brutal murders lead her to discover a similar case from the past -- one that involved Johnny Liddle. Meanwhile, the story of Lovecraft's journal continues as Jacob Hall returns and has plans to use Wonderland's power for himself -- however, there is one thing standing in the way: Lovecraft. A comic that ties directly into Zenescope's ongoing Wonderland series!

32 pages, $3.99.


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