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I’m having a problem with comics lately: I’m bored. Here we are, on the cusp of what promises to be the biggest Marvel event in years, and I’ve somehow already lost interest. Spider-Man has renewed himself to his former glory in my eyes with a weekly book, and I find myself struggling to finish each issue. Now that Y: The Last Man has finished, I don’t have any DC or Vertigo books on my pull list at the comic shop. Things have just been stale lately.

To be completely truthful, I get into these funks every few months with comics. I very well might be head over heals with comics when Secret Invasion #2 comes out. However, right now I just don’t feel that excitement. I usually only get to the comic shop ever other Saturday, but there have been times where I was so excited I had to go to the shop Wednesday after work. I want to feel that way again!

I’ve switched over mostly to trades lately. If a new series starts up, I’ll usually refrain from buying any of it and just wait for it to get collected. The problem is that when it does inevitably get collected I’ve lost interest by then. Of course there are the trades that I never forget like DMZ and Walking Dead, but when it comes to mini-series I am quite forgetful.

The only thing that seems to hold my interest nowadays are indie titles. There is a wealth of indie books out there that I’ve never read. I was only recently introduced to Jeffrey Brown by a friend and I feel as if I’ve been missing out for years now. I picked up a James Kochalka book out of my shop’s bargain bin and now I feel compelled to read anything he’s ever written.

What’s been stealing my attention you ask? Well, I’ve been buying an ungodly amount of music lately. Anything with a moderately decent review or that a trusted friend recommends I’ll blindly purchase. I’ve also found myself draw to novels of the graphicless variety lately a well. My wife has coerced me into reading the Harry Potter series and I’m a chapter away from finishing the third book. Video games have been pretty good lately as well. We just picked up Mario Kart for the Wii and it’s promising to be every bit as addictive as its predecessors.

But is all of this really enough to make my interest fade? I’ve had all of these distractions many times before and never had any trouble keeping up with comics. Money isn’t any issue, time is a poor excuse, so what else can it be? Is it me? Or is it the medium. A quick glance at Midtown Comics site to see what’s coming out this Wednesday reveals only ONE book I’m interested in (New Avengers #40, in case you were wondering).

Don't think I didn't notice that my column has been suffering for this lack of interest in comics. My last three columns have had little or nothing to do with comics. I find that to be extremely depressing. I can only write so many columns about Lost before I get an angry e-mail from the bosses reminding me this is a comic book site.

Like I said, this happens ever few months. Maybe I can pick up a couple books I’ve never read before the next time I go to the shop. But it’s never a good feeling when the hobby you care so much about becomes lackluster. I just hope this is a phase.


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