Dirk's Big Bunny Book


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Discover a whole new layer to the big existential questions with Dirk Verschure’s Big Bunny cartoons!

Though the comparison to Andy Riley’s Suicide Bunnies is very tempting and Dirk’s Big Bunnies probably do owe them a bit of the sparkle in the dots of their eyes, the analogy stops however at the format and the... well, the bunnies. While Suicide Bunnies adheres to a strict premisse - inventive ways for bunnies to commit suicide - Dutch creator Dirk Verschure lets his bunnies tackle basically everything that he can think off as long as there’s some mode of existentialism involved. And violence, mental or physical. This results in recurring themes like the exploration of loneliness, belonging, the masses versus the individual and a keen sense of wonder more often than not dozed with a sense of sarcasm. Exemplary for Verschure’s sense of humour and a personal favorite would be this one:

Dirk’s Big Bunny Book
collects the best cartoons of his daily blog. There’s a lot of sillines to be enjoyed, limited only by the author’s imagination. It leads to a rather diverse collection that surprises the reader at every page turn and upon which noet very cartoon needs words to get the joke across.

The bunnies and the objects they hold or sit in are drawn with a simple outline with a distinctive look crossing a cartoonish approach with stick figures. The backgrounds often suprise you and give you a sense of the remarkable drawing skills of the author with their attention for detail and intricate hatchwork. Dirk - who used to be an animator - uses this contrast highly effective in a lot of jokes, a particular standout is the following:

The Dirk’s Big Bunny Book collection of cartoons is the perfect reading material for that world weary individual that just wants to have a good big laugh at the sillness of it al! We all can use a little sarcasm to brighten up our day, that’s what I say! Now go buy the book or read the daily blog, you silly buggers.

Dirk’s Big Bunny Book
is published in both English and Dutch by Silvester Strips. It is a black and white (with occasional colour) softcover counting 160 pages. It retails for €14.95  

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