Promoting a TPB at MoCCA


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Since the Adrenaline TPB won’t be ready for the MoCCA Art Festival this weekend, Tyler takes a look at how he plans on promoting it at the show.

This week’s column’s a little shorter and later than usual. I’ve been spending my time planning the upcoming release of my first trade paperback, the complete Adrenaline storyline. And I’ve also been getting ready for an important show this weekend, the MoCCA Art Festival. But such is the life of the self-publisher, which is what this column is about.

Now ideally, it would have been nice if the Adrenaline trade were ready to sell at the show, but it’s not. It will be out August 5. You can see an Inside Look at it here.

So instead, I’m going to use the MoCCA show to promote my book. I’m taking a fairly simple and inexpensive approach, which is not a bad idea on a small press budget, and I think it will be about as effective as any more elaborate plan I could have come up with.

What I’ve done is to print off 3 different types of promotional material. There’s the 8.5” x11” flyer (really cheap to print at this size) with a large cover image and reviews to catch peoples eye. Then I have some postcards, which are easy for people to take with them. These have more detailed information, a summary of the storyline and the order code: JUN090720 (in case you’re interested). And lastly, I printed up some bookmarks, which don’t have quite as much info on them, but they’re a nice item for people to take away, and if they use them, it will help keep the name of the product in their minds.

I plan on getting these items out to attendees by using my own exhibitor space, and hopefully some of the show facilities. Many conventions have a table near the entrance where exhibitors can put freebies. This is a good place to put the postcards. I could put the bookmark there as well, but I think I’ll save them for my table.

As for the flyers, I don’t really want to be the person who puts them up everywhere. I might look around for just a few choice spots, such as a bulletin board. You never know what resources will be provided. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a variety of promotional material at your disposal.

But for the most part, I’ll be handing this stuff out at my table. My experience in the past is that the MOCCA Festival has some pretty heavy browsing traffic. Being in New York allows it to pull in a lot of walk-ins, and with comics being more in the public consciousness, there’ll be a lot of casual interest from people who don’t always jump at a purchase even if something looks good. Giving them one of my items, one, helps draw them in and can start a conversation, and two, sends them home with something that has a synopsis of my story, some good reviews, my website, and the order code, should they happen to request my book from a comic shop.

And I hope to run into some retailers at the show who might be interested in ordering my trade paperback. The show will give them a chance to learn more about the book, plus I’m happy to give them a stack of any of my marketing items to take away with them to help push the sales in their store.

If any retailers are reading this column now, or if you know of a retailer who might be interested in ordering Adrenaline, please email me at the address below, and I’d be happy to send that store some of my promotional material.

One last thing. There will actually be something new at the MOCCA Festival that will have my work in it. I didn’t produce it, but there’s going to be a new Star Wars fanbook at MoCCA. It’s the third part of the fanbook trilogy that wraps up with this year’s, And Don’t Forget the Droids, in which I have a 3 page story. Actually, it marks the first time that a story completely my own (written, penciled, inked and colored) sees print.

So anyone coming to the show should stop by my table and pick up some freebies and have a chat with me. Then, of course, you should go take a look at the Star Wars book which will be at table 434.

See you next week for my recap of the show.

Tyler Chin-Tanner started his own publishing company, A Wave Blue World, and writes and draws layouts for Adrenaline, its flagship series.
© 2009 Tyler Chin-Tanner.  All rights reserved.
Email: tyler@awaveblueworld.com

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