Rodd Racing at NYCC


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With the New York Comic-Con coming up next weekend (October 8-10), I’ve been looking for news on new and interesting independent projects making their debut at the show. One such project is the long-anticipated release of Toby Cypress’s new graphic novel, Rodd Racer.

Full disclosure here: I know Toby from my days as a student at the Joe Kubert School for Cartoon & Comic Art. He was one of my teachers despite being only a year older, but that just goes to show how he’s been on a much faster track in the art world than most.

Toby was working on pages for this book while I was still a student. He would bring them in for us to see; layouts and inked versions of the earlier pages. It was evident then that this was a work of passion for Toby, a book that would represent what he had to say and bring to the comic world.

And this is one of the reasons that Toby hasn’t rushed the completion of this book. That and a desire to stay connected to the freelance world and have some new material come out.

Shortly after he completed his last graphic novel, The Toursit, written by Brian Wood and published by Image, Toby finished up the Killing Girl series (also by Image), doing the art for issues 3 through 5. He also did a phenomenal painted cover for the TPB.

Toby then did a short story for the horror anthology, The Nightmare Factory II which came out in 2008, and then a one-shot comic called The Schizophrenic, published by Zip Comics. That comic debuted earlier this year at the MoCCA Art Festival. 

As much as I enjoyed seeing all of those stories, nothing compares to the excitement I have for Rodd Racer to be finally completed. I don’t know that much of the story yet (which I’m happy to keep that way until I read it) but I do know that it’s main character, Rodd, was a stunt driver who shifted course to become a legend in the world of underground street racing during the1940s (I’m not sure how fictional the reality of it is, but that’s when it takes place).  Here he meets a mentor, makes friends and finds love. He also gets on the bad side of the gangsters of the time, not to mention the Yakuza Crime Clan who would like nothing more than to see that prized car of his become his fiery coffin.

If you’re interested in getting a copy, there will be a regular edition of the graphic novel available later in the year. But for any of you attending NYCC, Toby will have a very limited advanced edition. It comes with a special sketch section in which Toby will be doing original sketches and autographing for people who buy a copy.

In addition to the graphic novel, he will also be selling prints measuring in at 12” x 34” and limited to only 50 copies. I would recommend getting there early if you want one of these.

Toby will be in the artist alley section at the show if you’re there. Or you can also email him directly at punkrockjazz@gmail.com if you’d like to try and get a copy of the book. If there are any advanced copies left over, he’ll be selling them, or he can let you know how to get a copy of the regular edition.

I’ll be sure to let you know when I have more about the full release and additional information I get at the show as I’m sure I’ll include this book again as part of my post-show wrap up. 

Check back next week just before the show begins to read about another independent project I’ll be featuring. Even if you can’t make it to the show, it’ll be a good way to find out about worthwhile comics and events that don’t necessarily make the headlines.


Tyler Chin-Tanner started his own publishing company, A Wave Blue World, where he wrote and drew layouts for Adrenaline, its flagship series, Adrenaline and wrote its latest graphic novel, American Terrorist.

© 2010 Tyler Chin-Tanner.  All rights reserved.

Email: tyler@awaveblueworld.com



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