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Gert-Jan van Oosten has always been an avid comic book reader. One fine day he took the step from comic book fan to comic book creator and, nowadays, he is the co-owner of Drop Comics, a prime comics publisher in the Netherlands.

Every couple of weeks, Gert-Jan, the Goost Writer, shares his personal experience of how he started his own comics publishing company.
Follow his trail. The trail of the Goost Writer.

Check out the previous columns for more of the Drop Comics story so far...

So I had this guy Jorg on the phone and like they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Basically, I wanted him to participate in my dream, but I don’t think that is the best of openings when you have someone on the phone.

I told Jorg I was working together with Ranjit and DMTR and that we were making comics. I told him I was working on this new script and that I was looking for an artist.

Jorg sounded interested. I knew nothing more about this guy then that he had made some drawings that were placed on the internet, but again this was a good first conversation. At the end of the conversation I promised Jorg I would send him some drawings of Ranjit and DMTR.

The next time we talked, we were discussing the story; what I wanted to do with the story and, íf Jorg wanted to be a part of it, what he wanted to draw. He was also very impressed by the drawings of Ranjit and DMTR. We talked about the style of this new comic. I think I have told this before but I trust the artist completely with the art. I am the person who makes the words and the artist is the one who makes it his thing. And I strongly believe that when you put in a lot of time in something (which is what an artist does when he draws) you want it to be the best they can do. I only know if I like it or not.

Jorg promised to send me a drawing as soon as he had time to sit down and draw and so the waiting began. At that time I was working with 3 artists, so the chances of getting a new drawing in my mailbox were quite good. Not that I got a drawing every day, but at least once a week a new drawing or even pages found their way into my mailbox. It is such a rush to have something you made up be visualized like that. Before I had a smart phone one of the first things I did in the morning after I climbed out of bed was turning the computer on to check my e-mail hoping a new drawing was sent to me.

After two days, I got my first sketch from Jorg. The day after that the first colored drawing, which blew me away. I send the e-mail to Ranjit and DMTR and they both were very impressed with Jorg’s work. Ranjit was so impressed he called me. 

“Where did you find this guy and why hasn’t he been discovered yet?” he asked.

“We just did”, was my reply trying to be funny. We talked some more and in that conversation we decided it was time we did something with the four of us.

Everybody was enthusiastic about the idea. Ranjit, DMTR and I live in the same area, Groningen (In the north of the Netherlands), Jorg lives in Breda (the south of the Netherlands). The distance between us (by car) is 3,5 hours. We decided we would go to Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands. At Central Station close to the Starbucks would be the place where we would meet for the first time. I already knew that DMTR, Ranjit and I had a ‘click’. I hoped that Jorg would also have that same ‘click’.

The day of our first meeting, we were late because our train was delayed. Ranjit, DMTR and I walked towards our meeting point in the middle of the train station. At that time I didn’t know who Jorg was so I called him on my phone. A tough looking guy who was standing next to us was grabbing his phone and looking at us.

“You must be Gert-Jan”.


Gert-Jan van Oosten, co-founder of Dutch comic book publisher, Drop Comics, talks about his efforts to find his place on the comics market from across the pond; the Netherlands.

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