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Gert-Jan van Oosten has always been an avid comic book reader. One fine day he took the step from comic book fan to comic book creator and, nowadays, he is the co-owner of Drop Comics, a prime comics publisher in the Netherlands.

Every once in a while (and now for the last time), Gert-Jan, the Goost Writer, shares his personal experience of how he started his own comics publishing company.
Follow his trail. The trail of the Goost Writer.

Check out the previous columns for more of the Drop Comics story so far...

So here ends my story. The story of a fan boy making his first steps into self-publishing, and what a great Trail he has been walking.
I got to meet my Radio heroes and I now have their personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
I have been in of the biggest radio stations in the Netherlands and I have been on national radio.
I got to talk a lot about comics with people in the business and Romano Molenaar, the Dutch comic artist who recently worked on the Darkness even made a cover for one of our comics. We even received the original art!  We met Greg Capullo at the F.A.C.T.S. comic-con and we had a nice lengthy chat with him about comics.
I have met some amazing new people who I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t started this journey. I feel that I made some great friends for life and together we made some (what I truly believe) magical things together.


The ACE comics and the Sanguis comics are something I am still very proud of. And the art work from Jorg is just breath-taking. And it is stunning to see Ranjit and DMTR grow as artists and how they are refining their style with each issue. We do not have a new issue every month, but HEY it’s not a perfect world and our day-jobs – which happen to put bread on the table - have the priority. It is great to see that the guys get projects because people have seen their work in our Drop-comics.

Finally I have to talk about Sybrand Klompstra. He made a motion comic of the Sanguis prequel. If you want to watch it, you can find it on YouTube. He poured it into a three part motion comic.

And I think Sybrand is working on the next motion comic using the next issue of Sanguis.  

We also met Richard Boom (one of the Broken Frontier Staffers and owner of Boom Art Department) who helped us a great deal in the next steps as a publisher.
I also came into contact with Arrie Ten Wolde and John Lopez from Geekstijl Media. These guys run an agency that help creative minds to, basically, make money. We at Drop Comics were so engaged in the creative flow and only thinking about how many pages, how the story is flowing, how they look on print, etc., etc. and these Geekstijl-guys helped us think about the business side of things.

Big tip: when you are creative and probably not into the business side of things, find people who are. Even if you are not in it for the money, at least try not to lose too much money.

John and Arrie are also great comic book fans. They even have a Dutch website Geekstijl about comics, sci-fi and fantasy.

I was working at my day job when one day I ran into Arrie and before we knew it, we started talking about comics and TV-series and podcasts. At the end of that conversation we both said: “Why don’t we try to do a podcast?”. This resulted into the Dutch Podcast Geekstijl Insider, a podcast about comics, sci-fi and fantasy. Every week we make a new podcast that can be found at iTunes.

I’m not done yet.

Drop Comics is a wonderful project and we have so much fun making comics. Like I said many times before; we are no fulltime publishing company, but we really are making our very own comics. We made some mistakes ánd did some great things and we will continue to do both for the foreseeable future.  

If there is anyone out there who is also thinking about doing something they really like to do, go for it. Do not wait for a moment for yourself, make time for yourself. With enthusiasm and some luck, who knows where you will end up? Meet your heroes? Be on national radio? Or being a part of a great podcast talking about the things that you love?

And in about a year don’t you think you would be happy you started today?

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my journey into comics. It was great to be able to tell my story, thanks for your time.

A big shout out to Richard Boom and Peter van Groning in helping me look good at writing English. Thanks guys!

And hey, let’s be careful out there.


Gert-Jan van Oosten, co-founder of Dutch comic book publisher, Drop Comics, talks about his efforts to find his place on the comics market from across the pond; the Netherlands.

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