Jonathan Chuang

32, male

Location: New York



Role: Staff

Reading comics since:


Favorite comics:

I'm loving Siege right now. It had incredible art and the story is crazy. I find myself rereading The Authority, Powers, Invincible, Daredevil and all of the Ultimate Marvel titles a lot. Every once in a while I'll become fixated on X-Men. It has something for everyone. I recently reread pretty much the entire X-Man series and loved it.

Favorite creators:

Too many to list, I think. Right now I'm exceptionally happy with Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Olivier Coipel, Bendis, Greg Pak, Stuart Immonen... Far more than that in reality though.

Reading list:

Nearly all of Marvel and DC at the moment. All of Kirkman's stuff over at Image. The Authority. I'm probably forgetting a ton.

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