Alias Chronicles the Dreamland

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All-ages comics are an emerging market in the comic book industry, and ALIAS Comics has seen great success with titles like LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS, THE IMAGINARIES, PAKKINS’ LAND and LULLABY, all of which have featured incredible art and wonderful storytelling.

But none of them have been quite like Scott Christian Sava’s THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, a fantasy adventure featuring breathtaking computer-generated graphics in the style of films like THE INCREDIBLES and SHREK.

“THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES is an amazing book,” said Brett Burner, President and Publisher of ALIAS Comics, “and we are absolutely thrilled to have it as part of our summer lineup. Scott Sava is on the cutting edge of comics, both in terms of the visuals he can produce and the stories he creates, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to work with him!”

THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES tells the story of a young boy named Alexander who nightly dreams of an exciting, magical world full of fairies, elves, dragons and other fantastic creatures. One night, he removes a sword from a stone in a mysterious cave, and uses it to fight off a fierce-looking dragon. He wakes up to find the sword on a small chain around his neck. But he also discovers that he can no longer dream!

Eight years later, Alexander is a college student enrolled in a study about dreaming. Around that time, he discovers a journal his brother had kept while listening to Alexander recount his stories about his dreams, as well as the sword on the chain, which he puts around his neck. That night, Alexander returns to Dreamland and reunites with his friends, only to find that things have changed in the time since he was there.

“And that’s just the beginning of an incredible 24-issue story,” said Mike S. Miller, Executive Director for ALIAS Comics. “The computer graphic artwork looks so good it’s hard to believe that this is simply a comic book and not a feature film. The characters are beautifully rendered, with a lot of detail and color, and the world of Dreamland has a real richness to it that is simply captivating.”

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“The Dreamland Chronicles is such an epic undertaking to produce that it takes literally all of my studio’s resources to complete each issue,” said Scott Christian Sava, Creator/Writer/Artist/Producer of THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES. “I am truly blessed to have some of the most talented artists in the world helping me to bring Alexander, Kiwi, Nastajia, Paddington Rumblebottom and all of the great people and places in Dreamland to life. I’m so pleased to see Alias publishing this series and I know they love to see ALL ages read comics as much as I do.”

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The newest issue of THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES will be available in July at comic book retailers everywhere. Readers who pre-order the title will receive a FREE copy of the first issue with every order of the second issue (while supplies last). The book can be ordered from the May issue of PREVIEWS, in the ALIAS section. For more information, please visit http://www.aliascomics.net

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