Alias Goes Corporate with Killer Stunts

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Billy Andrews, a Hollywood stuntman, faces multiple challenges from struggling in his relationship with a rising film starlet, Laura Leigh, to keeping his fledgling stunt company, KILLER STUNTS, INC., afloat in the new age of CGI-dominated special effects. As if his everyday troubles weren’t enough, Andrews finds himself sucked into an assignment from a covert government agency—not knowing he’s being used as a pawn in a vast conspiracy. In over his head, the daredevil-for-hire re-teams with his former mentor, John Lynch, an aging legend in the stunt community, and is forced to utilize all his “tricks of the trade” to not only stay alive, but to stop the bad guys from pulling off a major heist.

In development as a major motion picture and videogame by producers Charles “Chuck” Gordon (Die Hard I & II, Field of Dreams) and Adrian Askarieh (Spy Hunter).

Scott Kinney, series writer and creator, comments on the work of artists Scott Cohn (penciler) and Mike Manley (inker): “Scott is an up-and-comer, no doubt about it; comic readers and industry insiders will take notice of his work when this series hits the stands. I’m a fan of artists like Ron Garney, John Romita Jr., and Mike Manley, and I think Scott will be right up there with these guys someday. Oh, by the way, Mike Manley is inking the book—it’s too good to be true for me!”

Kinney’s comic writing has been praised by SuperHeroHype.com, CHUD.com, SequentialTart.com, Suspended Animation, Stuart Moore, James Sime, and others.

For film producer Adrian Askarieh, there are three strengths Killer Stunts, Inc. has that have made it attractive as a comic book, videogame, and movie adaptation: “The characters, the world and the action.”

“We felt that the organic hook of Scott’s book was strong enough to build a multi-faceted franchise around,” said Askarieh. “Chuck Gordon and myself have always wanted to see a character like Billy take us to the most fascinating world of stunts and near misses.”

Killer Stunts, Inc. #1 is available in the current Diamond Previews (pg. 219) in the Alias Enterprises section for an April release. As part of the Alias “20 Year Rollback,” the first issue of Killer Stunts, Inc. has a cover price of only 75 cents.

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