APC Signs Abiding Perdition

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The UK’s leading and internationally known publisher, APC, has signed forthcoming mini series, Abiding Perdition, written and created by Nick Schley.

Schley, a known creator in the industry, has worked on titles such as Judo Girl (Alias) and 10th Muse (Image/Alias) and this is his first outing as a writer/creator.

Joining Schley is Spanish based artist Pedro Delgado (pencils) and Chicago based colorist Bob Pedroza. The first full issue of Abiding Perdition will be available to purchase from the San Diego Comicon in July from APC’s booth - with the first issue scheduled for an August release internationally via DCD.

Abiding Perdition #1 will ship with 3 variant covers - two from Pedro Delgado and one from a mystery superstar artist. Details of the third cover will be released within the next few weeks.

Richard Emms, APC’s boss and EIC comments on the signing of the series;

“Abiding Perdition will appeal to many comic fans, not only is the art gorgeous and very slick, but Schley has created a fantastical world that will capture the imaginations of many. Fans of artist such as Joe MAD and Humberto Ramos should really dig Pedro’s style and with Bob’s great colors this is a book that will bring the team great acclaim”.

“Working along side Nick has been a joy and the creators involved with Abiding Perdition have worked extremely hard, in fact the first two issues are complete and ready to ship once the DCD orders are received”.

“We’ve already had international parties interest in translating Abiding Perdition - which includes Japan and France - and it does look certain that the book will see Japanese translation in the fall of 2005”.  

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 Nick Schley, creator and writer of the series comments;

"When I first started writing Perdition I wanted the morality of the old Grimm Fairy Tales to stay intact. The bedrock of this miniseries, as well as future series planned, is actually based more around Norse Mythos with only a splash of fairytale characters we all know and love, or hate as it were. But there will definitely be some "recognizable" instances from familiar tales“.

“My father read me Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for as far back as I can possibly remember and instantly I loved anything Tolkien --- and have ever since. So I've always had these little mini stories clicking away in my head. My passion of Norse mythology, the inherent darkness of all fairy tales accompanied with the visual taste of animated classics such as Secret of NIMH or Black Cauldron are the granite foundation of Abiding Perdition“.

“Pedro Delgado and Bob Pedroza are two extremely talented artists helping my share my own fantasy, or contempt thereof, to the world. Thanks to Richard Emms, an incredible guy to work for/with, and APC, Abiding Perdition is made available to Comicdom’s awesome legion of readers not only in English, but other languages as well“.

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