Archie Nods to Fandom

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One of the most exciting developments of the past 70 years has been the rise of “fandom.”  Whether it be literature (“The Lord of the Rings”), iconic characters (Sherlock Holmes, who is celebrated by “The Baker Street Irregulars”), TV shows (“Star Trek”), rock stars – all forms of pop culture and entertainment have their loyal followers.  This March, Archie Comics presents four stories that speak to such fans.

The fun starts in ARCHIE #565, where Archie learns more than he ever thought possible about “manga!”  That’s because Ms. Grundy has caught him reading a manga comic book in class, and assigns him a 500-word composition on the subject.  Can America’s foremost comic book teen learn about his Eastern counterparts before the deadline?  Fans of both Archie and manga are sure to delight in the outcome!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #99 offers stories for fans of both TV’s action-packed crime dramas and action figures!  In “Missing Puzzle Pizzas,” Archie becomes a pizza delivery boy, and his first order is topped with sauce, extra cheese, bank robbers and F.B.I. agents!  Then in the story, “Action Faction,” Chuck designs some new action figures and turns to an unlikely source of inspiration: his classmates! 

Next, BETTY & VERONICA #216 takes aim at Archie Comics fandom itself, by offering another story that tweaks, if ever temporary, the status of the eternal love triangle.  Forget the infinite secret crisis wars in other publishers’ comics—in “Had Enough,” the whole Archieverse is turned on its head as Betty, Veronica AND Archie all date other people!  

Finally, JUGHEAD #172 brings back a beloved comic book hero from yesteryear.  In  “Super Stomach,” Captain Hero returns—sort of, as Jughead imagines what it would be like to have a super-powered stomach allowing him to eat 24-7! 

ARCHIE #565, ships 3/29. 

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #99, ships 3/8. 

BETTY & VERONICA #216, ships 3/1. 

JUGHEAD #172, ships 3/22.

32-page, full color comics, $2.25 US.

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