Ares #1 Sells Out

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Comic fans and retailers have been pleasantly surprised with Ares #1 as the sales and overwhelming positive critical reviews have made the series a certifiable hit. 

The reinvigoration of the God of War by the creative team of Michael Avon Oeming and  Travel Foreman has even led to some speculation of Ares making an impact across Marvel Universe after the mini-series concludes, with the hint that he’ll be joining a major superhero team by year’s end.

Oeming’s unique and compelling take on the black sheep of the Gods as well as Foreman’s detailed and gritty art has led to a mountain of stellar reviews as high as Mount Olympus. 

Hilary Goldstein of IGN.com calls Ares #1 a “Must have…Oeming has handled Gods just fine in the past, but he's never made one feel quite as human and relatable as Ares in this debut issue.”

Fanboyreview.com says, “[Oeming] takes a character that you have absolutely no reason to care about, and not only makes him sympathetic, he makes him engaging.  This book gives you a lot of story and art for your money, so do yourself a favor and check it out.”

Don MacPherson of TheFourthRail.com says artist Travel Foreman “captures an impossible world of myth in impressive detail.”

The personal drama (Ares’s human son has been kidnapped by his father Zeus in order to blackmail him into defending Olympus) as well as the gore (Ares is the God of War, after all) is guaranteed to increase with each issue. 

Be sure to pick up issue Ares #3 as Ares must decide whether or not to assist his fellow Gods.  And what effect will the arrival of his eternal nemesis Hercules have on an already seething Ares? 

Note there may be copies of issue #1 still available at the retail level. Retailers are advised to check their orders on issue #3.

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ARES #3 (of 5)   (JAN062006)
Pencils & Cover by TRAVEL FOREMAN
FOC - 2/16, On Sale - 3/8/2006

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