Blue Dream Studios Now a Publisher

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Scott Christian Sava has decided to turn Blue Dream Studios into more than an animation studio and a well-respected technical innovator: Blue Dream Studios is now a publishing house, too. Forthcoming titles include the all-ages THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, ED’S TERRESTRIALS and PET ROBOTS. Diamond Comic Distributors will act as Blue Dream’s distributor to the direct market with the first release to appear in the November Previews. Book trade distribution is currently being finalized.
“It’s time!” said Sava, creator of THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, ED’S TERRESTRIALS, and PET ROBOTS. “Since I started my animation studio in 2000, I’ve had the great opportunity to work on some fabulous projects, collaborate with some incredibly talented creators, and learn about the publishing business. Blue Dream Studios isn’t going to come out ‘guns blazing’ with 20 titles a month. We’re not falling into the trap of soliciting ONLY to the comic market. These books...made for ALL AGES...are created with a love of storytelling. They’re finished FIRST before solicited (so they’re never late). They’re home grown and made with love.”
The flagship title is THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE (Writer and Artist: Scott Christian Sava, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-0-0, $19.95, full-color perfectbound, 6” x 9”), the acclaimed 3D-rendered all-ages fantasy adventure which gained success as an online comic at http://www.thedreamlandchronicles.com/ and where it’s consistently been one of the TOP TEN comics on the web according to the TOP WEB COMICS lists with well over half a MILLION visitors since January. A collected edition of the first four issues is anticipated to be 300 pages with loads of extras.
THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE releases in Nov in limited fashion via the web site, then will hit both amazon.com and comic retailers in Dec and Jan respectively.
Sava anticipates six full volumes chronicling Alexander’s incredible adventures in Dreamland, a story called the “best all ages fantasy comic book on the market” [Source: James Mishler, Comic Buyer’s Guide].
Currently, the online site is updated with a new page every day, continuing the wondrous yarn about a boy named Alexander and his visits to Dreamland, the place where his childhood friends---Nastajia the elf princess, Paddington the rock boy, and Kiwi the fairy---have missed him dearly and who need him now more than ever.
ED’S TERRESTRIALS (Writer: Scott Christian Sava, Artist Diego Jourdan, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-1-7, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5” x 6.75”) is an out-of-this world adventure featuring escaped aliens Marcello, Gus and Al who crash land in...Ed’s tree house. Now Ed must decide what he can do to help the three escapees live out their dreams, but figure out how he can help scores of other oppressed aliens as well. All of this while dodging the Intergalactic Food Court’s relentless Mall Security guards.
PET ROBOTS (Writer: Scott Christian Sava, Artist Diego Jourdan, ISBN: 978-0-9789168-2-4, $19.95, full-color hardcover, 10.5” x 6.75”) Four students, Jake, Chris, Tammy, and Tommy get lost while on a field trip to the Rooty Tooty Toy Company. In their quest to find their way back to the rest of the class...they accidentally stumble onto a room with four military robots. Quite accidentally the robots are "bonded" to each student...programmed to follow them anywhere.  That night the robots follow the kids home...and now won't leave their side. What do they do? Well what ANY kid would do with a Pet Robot: they have FUN! PET ROBOTS is a captivating story about four kids and their new pet robots: Rock, Wind, Aqua, and Skye.

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