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FAME: Robert Pattinson
Author(s): Kim Sherman
Artist(s) : Nathaniel Ooten
Cover Artist(s): 2 cover by: A: JUANMAR STUDIOS  B: Paul Andrew Manton
Though his star meter skyrocketed with the global sensation, “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson's ability and dedication to acting has him poised for lasting success beyond the series of vampire flicks. Unlike a simple chronological biography, this FAME book uses an ambrosial, sensory approach to deconstruct each of Robert Pattinson's roles.

Rock & Roll Comics: Pink Floyd
Writer: Spike Steffenhagen, Jay Allen Sanford
Pencils Ken Landgraf
Cover Artist(s): cover: Steve Byrant
As showcased in Pink Floyd's own official CD box set Shine On, the Pink Floyd Experience comics chronicle rock's most enigmatic psychedelic warriors, from their early dayz with stoner icon Syd Barrett, through their split and later reformation. Art and story by Ken Landgraf (Wolverine, Hawkman, Nightwing & Flamebird, etc.), Spike Steffenhagen (Children of the Grave), Jay Allen Sanford (Overheard in San Diego), and more, the collection also includes update material, bringing the saga up to 2010.

Judo Girl: The Beginning: graphic novel
Author(s): Terrance Griep
Artist(s): Nadir Balan
Cover Artist(s): Nadir Balan
The hot selling title from Bluewater is coming back next month, so get caught up in this groovy graphic novel. Judo Girl is a woman on a mission: after having spent 40-years in suspended animation, she searches for her missing brother. And Captain Steel hasn't exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust either. Indeed, his awful plans are about to solidify on a worldwide scale. On the flip side is a retro story set during the era of go-go boots and slot cars revealing the secret origin of the original Steel Ray! Martial art meets pop art; both the modern story and the retro story tie in together for one fantastic adventure.

Atlas the graphic novel
Writer: Dan Rafter
Pencils: Erik Thompson
Cover Artist(s): cover: Erik Thompson
After commanding the Titans in their war against the Olympians, Atlas was forced to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. His life was a tragic story of a lone God fighting boredom on Mount Olympus. However, monitoring the earth from above, Atlas watched Earth change and the emergence of super powered beings donning capes and tights. Growing restless and craving adventure, Atlas decided to take the world in his hands and becomes one of the Earth's newest heroes. Learning the superhero game is not going to be easy for him as Atlas fights against one of the oldest superpowers in history.

Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story: graphic novel
Author(s): Ryan Burton and Darren G. Davis
Artist(s)  David McNeil
Cover Artist(s): cover by: Vinnie Tartamella
From a dream to a string of best sellers to a successful movie franchise, Stephenie Meyer has captured the imagination of millions with her stories about a young girl and her vampire lover. Now the tables are turned as Stephenie Meyer becomes the featured protagonist in a special biography graphic novel. Twilight Unbound: Stephenie Meyer, released just in time for the upcoming movie sequel based on her book "Eclipse," examines her rise to popularity, her Twilight saga novels and her future plans. This book will also include the history of Forks; the Washington peninsula town where her stories take place as well as other bonus material not found anywhere else. Updated version from the Female Force series.

Roger Corman Presents: Battle Amongst The Stars #3
Writer: Martin Fisher
Pencils: Ben Hansen
Cover Artist(s): Ben Hansen
After escaping from the Malmori warship, Zed and Nell must now cross the deadly Lambda Zone, and pirates called The Jackers who reside there. Meanwhile at the Oztem planet, preparations begin for the final battle for possession of the Oztems replication technology. Some will live. And some will die.

The Claw and the Fang #2
Author(s): Mike Kutcher
Artist(s)  Matias Basla
Cover Artist(s):  2 covers - all equal: A: Matias Basla  B. Steven Babb
A warrior king will be reborn! Hunted to extinction by a renegade Demon, the Firewoman is the last of her kind. She survives driven only by the hope she can bestow her power upon the one person able to restore balance, but the one she seeks has given up on life in the real world preferring a virtual one.

Political Power: Al Franken
Author(s): Jerome Maida
Artist(s) Beniamino Bradi
Cover Artist(s): Deborah Max
Bluewater Productions spotlights one of the rising stars of American politics, Al Franken, in the latest edition of their increasingly popular line of biography comics. taught the importance of politics at a young age by his parents, this bio details Franken's journey from a comedian to political satirist to controversial author and radio host and ultimately to his current position as one of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C., where he is quickly gaining a reputation as the "new Lion of the Senate" and voice of a new generation and their issues in the U.S. Senate.

Vincent Price Presents: The Sacrifice #19
Writer: Mark Simon
Pencils: Ferran Sellares
Cover Artist(s): Ferran Sellares
The hit horror series, featured in Fangoria Magazine and Rue Morgue sets Vincent Price in a far off fantasy world. Danior has been convicted of a crime in which he must be tortured for his crimes while giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Logan's Run #5
Author(s): Paul Salamoff
Artist(s)  Daniel Gete
Cover Artist(s):    2 covers:  Daniel Gete  & Greg Hiatt
A prisoner of his ex-partner Francis, Logan and Jessica are taken to Sanctuary to meet Ballard, but things aren't exactly what Logan anticipated and soon his quest for the destruction of the runner's haven comes in question as many of his beliefs are turned upside down. But is it too late for Logan to change his worldview especially when his past catches up to him?

Legend of Isis #13
Writer: Aaron Stueve
Cover Artist(s): from famed manga artist Michael Shelfer
Optioned by Paramount Studios, Legend of Isis started at IMAGE COMICS and still going strong at Bluewater.  When last we saw Isis she was flying away from Scott and her life in L.A.  Don't expect to see her this issue!  The ramifications from Isis' disappearance mount as Artemis, Valkyrie, and the others search not only for her, but Dr. Nefarious Love as well.

Tom Corbett: Space Cadet: Grpahic Novel
Writer: Bill Spangler
Pencils: John DaCosta
Cover Artist(s):  cover: Chris Colhbert
The classic space heroes from the 1950s are back, with a new look but the same sense of high-spirited adventure. Tom, Roger and Astro, cadets at the 23rd-century Space Academy, uncover the threat of the One State, a robotic horde with a strange origin and an even stranger  mission. Script by Bill Spangler (Alien Nation and Robotech); art by John DaCosta and an introduction by Jan Merlin, who  played Roger in the original Tom Corbett, Space Cadet  television series. If you missed the limited series last fall, don't miss this paperback collection.

FAME: Lady Gaga
Author(s): Dan Rafter
Artist(s) : Kristopher Smith
Cover Artist(s): cover by: 2 covers by: Paul Andrew Manton
1) Incentive cover by: JUANMAR STUDIOS
This new comic series has been featured in “Rolling Stone”, “E! Entertainment Television”, “Elle Magazine” and thousands more sites.    Is it the costumes? The music? The voice? Maybe it's all that stage blood. Whatever the reason, Lady GaGa has become one of pop music's biggest stars. Bluewater Comics examines the impact Lady GaGa has on her growing legion of fans. Is there room for everyone in the Haus of GaGa?


William Shatner  Presents: Man O' War #4
Writer: CJ Henderson
Pencils: Pat Broderick
Cover Artist(s): Pat Broderick
The final issue in this mini series. Benton Hawkes,  barely escapes two more attempts on his life, only to discover that one of few people he has come to trust since leaving Earth is the main assassin assigned to kill him! Check out the new title from the mind of William Shatner.

Female Force: Charlaine Harris, author of the HBO cult series "TRUE BLOOD"
Author(s): Kim Sherman
Artist(s) Nathaniel Ooten
Cover Artist(s): cover by: Patricio Carbajal
The inspiration for the hit tv show “TRUE BLOOD” and with a writing career spanning nearly 30 years, the popularity of cozy mystery “with teeth” author Charlaine Harris soared when her popular Sookie Stackhouse novels spawned a new life as HBO's popular series, True Blood. This Female Force book showcases the personal obstacles through which Harris has triumphed, making her an ideal role model for teenage girls and women. Harris as interviewed for this special edition of Female Force.

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