Bolting Back into Action

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In the mid-1980s, Roy and Dann Thomas created the electrically powered father-and-son superhero team, CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT.

Through ten full-color issues in 1986 and 1987, and two more black-and-white issues in 1992, Roy and Dann worked with several talented artists, including Dell Barras, Rick Stasi, Grant Miehm, Howard Simpson, and most especially the late E. R. Cruz, chronicled CT&BB's quest to clear Captain Thunder's name and bring justice to those who had actually committed the crime of which he'd been accused.

Now, at last, Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt are getting ready to make a comeback! Heroic Publishing has announced that Roy Thomas is working with Spanish artist Benito Gallego on a new twelve-page Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt adventure, currently slated to appear in October 2006 in the sixth issue of Heroic Publishing's full-color Tales of the Champions comic book title.

This new Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt tale bridges the events between Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt #10 and Heroic Publishing's short-lived Sparkplug series. In CT&BB #10, we saw Captain Thunder vow to retrieve the beautiful Sonja Ernesaks (the "Queen" of the mercenary chessmen of "King's Gambit") from the custody of a rogue agency of the U.S. government. Some time later, in Sparkplug #1, we saw the Queen in Germany, doing battle with Flare's electric little sister. In Tales of the Champions #6, Roy and Benito will be showing us precisely how Captain Thunder managed to win Sonja's freedom.

Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt will continue to appear in at least two more issues of Tales of the Champions. After that, if sales of those try-out issues warrant, the first issue of a new ongoing Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt series could go on sale as early as the summer of 2007.

Each issue of each comic book from Heroic Publishing contains at least 28 full-color pages of story and features at a cover price of $3.25 in the US, $3.99 in Canada. That's more bang for the buck than fans normally get from other comic book publishers.

Heroic Publishing comic book titles are distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors, FM International, and Ingram Periodicals.

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