Caption Box Releases God Complex

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Small press publisher Caption Box is beginning 2006 with an entry from 1998's God Complex, the earliest prose novel by comic book writer A. David Lewis, penned almost eight years ago!

The futuristic paranormal adventure features both reincarnating spirits chasing each other from one line to the next as well a strangely familiar setting: 2006 itself.

Lewis, better known for his graphic novels (like The Lone and Level Sands and Mortal Coils) than pictureless work explained the reason behind God Complex’s release at his blog, Loose Pages.

"In the summer of 1998, I challenged myself to write a novel. I had three months, I had a flexible schedule, and I had the drive to see if I could truly do it. By August, I proudly had God Complex -- such as it was. As an exercise, it was marvelous; as a plot, it was okay; as a piece of writing it was embryonic, though. There's a lot of experimentation, a lot of homage, and a lot of, frankly, 1998 in it. [...At the beginning of 2005,  though,] I mad a quiet promise to myself that God Complex would see the light of day and be given a proper home."

Crediting the aid of editor Brent Newhall and cover artist of Edwin Rhemrev (http://www.rhemrev.com), Lewis has produced the 450+-page book through online vendor Lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com/captionbox), thereby  making it available for both mail delivery at a retail price of $15.00 or digital download at under $2.00. In addition, the debut Mortal Coils story "Disembodiment" is also available for download through the online vendor absolutely free as an incentive to visit the site and preview God Complex's initial chapter.

God Complex is ISBN 0-9765811-3-2, with dimensions of 6.0" x 9.0" and 454 perfect-bound pages.

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