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Following both their participation in Free Comic Book Day and the release of the successful The Lone and Level Sands graphic novel, Virginia-based Caption Box is shaking things up with a revamped website, a new blog by founder A. David Lewis, and an upcoming relocation to Boston.

The new www.CaptionBox.net is “a cleaner, more audience-driven resource” than its predecessor says Lewis, looking to upgrade the company’s public image. “To date, Caption Box has been just this little imprint giving me the opportunity to work with talented artists and publish our collective work. Now, though, with my personal academic profile growing as well as the potential impact of Caption Box’s projects, it was time to give the site especially a more professional polish.”

In order to do so, Lewis has not only broken down the site into more direct, digestible navigational pieces for browsers, but he has also separated his own personal entries into an entirely separately blog, dubbed Loose Pages. In its opening posting, he makes clear, “This isn't Caption Box, though. It's not a news site, and it's not scholarly. There's gotta be a venue for me to write without being mediated.” However, including Lewis’ affiliation with BrokenFrontier.com – including his monthly “Library of Babble” column and official message board forum – will remain unaffected, explaining that “[Library of Babble] is the much more rational, reasoned, and researched product; [Loose Pages] is the wild child  -- off-the-cuff, random, and at times just rude. However, I think there's still a family resemblance.”

In addition to Loose Pages, Lewis has recently come aboard to The Great Curve news blog as one of its latest contributors. Western Tales of Terror artist and long-time Caption Box collaborator Jason Copland jokes, “Another place for [him] to pontificate?!!”

While the virtual address of Caption Box remains the same, its physical location and event schedule is also undergoing alteration. As of July 31, 2005, the main office for Caption Box will be relocating to Boston, MA, Lewis’ hometown, at an address to be named at a later date. Similarly, both the site revamp and the move has forced Lewis to cancel his MoCCA Arts Festival appearance slated for June 10-11 in New York City. Other Caption Box members such as Jason Narvaez and Dave Gordon will still be in attendance, but as part of separate exhibitor listings; Lewis still plans to attend WizardWorld Philadelphia the week earlier.

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