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Koni Waves, a sexy, action-packed, horror miniseries washes ashore in March from Arcana Studio.

Honolulu, Hawaii. 70's black and white horror magazines, B-movie charm, beautiful beach babes Koni Waves is inspired by all of these and contains more Tiki goodness than you can throw a pineapple at. The first issue of Koni Waves arrives in March from Arcana Studio and readers are in for a tropical treat.

Created by Mark Poulton, Stephen Sistilli, and Dexter Weeks, Koni Waves introduces private detective Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii who worked her way through college as a dancer at the Apanapana Ballroom. When a drinking problem gets her booted from the force, Koni starts her own detective agency. With the aid of Pete ­ her surf buddy, Krystal ­ a colleague from her dancing days, and Huko ­ the owner of her favorite watering hole, Koni encounters a series of supernatural events that leads her to discover a dark side of her island not seen in the usual tourist spots.

In the first of a three issue limited series, a missing friend leads Koni to Prince Hopohopo who is using human sacrifices to raise Puea the God of Darkness in the form of a living Tiki statue! To coincide with its release, Shocker Toys LLP has planned a series of licensed Koni Waves figures for their popular Shockini line. Based on designs by series co-creator, Dexter Weeks, the figures will feature jaw-dropping comic accurate detail with levels of articulation Shockini collectors demand. Puea is slated to be the first Koni Waves character to get the Shockini treatment with a release date of Summer 2006.

In addition, issue 1 will feature two retailer exclusive covers from Stormwatch Comics in West Berlin, New Jersey. Each cover will feature new artwork from Stephen Sistilli.

Other adventures presented in the limited series feature Koni battling several of the island¹s most fearsome supernatural creatures including a group of vampire surfers, the Black Bear Clan. During the 1800¹s, the island was visited by a mysterious female tourist. Whispers about vampirism were heard and when this femme fatale took a fancy to a local surfing champion, Keanu, the Black Bear Clan was born. Finally, a fun-filled ski weekend to the majestic peaks of Mauna Kea is interrupted by dark undercurrents at the local observatory. Police chalk it up to a sight seeing accident, but Koni knows it¹s much more.

Surf¹s up in March as Koni Waves #1 featuring a flip cover by Marat (X-Force: Shatterstar) Mychaels arrives in stores from Arcana Studio.

Koni Waves can be found in Previews this month under Arcana Studio and is Order Code:  JAN062849

For more information on Koni Waves visit Arcana Studio at: www.arcanastudio.com

For more information on the Koni Waves Shockinis visit: www.shockertoys.com

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