CinemaGraphix & Moonstone Drive Together

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CinemaGraphix Entertainment is excited to announce the publication of its inaugural project, the graphic novel suspense thriller “The Night Driver”, in partnership with comic book publisher Moonstone Books.

Slated for a July release, “The Night Driver” is written by John Cork (“The Long Walk Home,” “Bond Girls Are Forever”), adapted by Christopher Mills (“Gravedigger: The Scavengers,” “Femme Noir”), and penciled, inked, colored, and lettered by explosive new talent Christopher LaGasse.

“The Night Driver” is the story of what happens when traveling salesman Hurdis Jones hits a mysterious stranger with his car, unleashing an escalating firestorm of paranoia, persecution, mystery, and grisly murder.

CinemaGraphix Entertainment is the brainchild of award-winning writer-editor-producer Ed Polgardy (“From The Darkness,” “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn,” “Dark Dominion”) and acclaimed writer-producer-director Darin Scott (“Menace II Society,” “Tales >From The Hood,” “Caught Up”). The company is dedicated to putting out incredibly filmic and exciting graphic novels and comics in a variety of genres, including horror, sci-fi, action, and fantasy.

“When you read a CGX book, we want you to feel compelled to grab a bucket of popcorn, some Red Vines, and a soda to go along with it,” exclaimed CEO and co-founder Darin Scott, who combines twenty years experience as a feature filmmaker with a lifelong passion for the comics medium.

“Darin and I realized we had a wealth of ideas that would be terrific in both the film and comics arenas, probably a lot more of them than we would ever have time to produce as movies.  In most cases, it takes years to get a feature film made, but far less time to create a graphic novel, so this was the perfect venue for us to launch our stories,” added President and co-founder Ed Polgardy, whose varied career has straddled both the comic book and film & television industries.

“Teaming up with Moonstone was icing on the cake.” Scott continued. “It’s obvious from their output, they’re committed to excellence in a wide variety of genres, and we quickly realized it was a perfect fit.”

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“Moonstone was very excited to be introduced to CinemaGraphix,” said Moonstone President Joe Gentile, whose company has been one of the top independent comics publishers for over a decade. “They offer us professional quality books with stories that are far from ordinary, and that’s what we’re all about over here.  Action, suspense, heroics, thrills & chills--it’s all good! 

“Again, we are trying to bring another exciting alternative to the ‘long underwear’ crowd, and the CinemaGraphix books contain just the kind of content this market needs to be able to reach a little further and bring more readers into the comic stores.

“CinemaGraphix and Moonstone have a common goal: to tell great unique tales. So when CinemaGraphix hands us a one of their projects, we just say ‘thanks, can we have another?’ Our collaboration has been a no-brainer from the start: Two companies passionate about storytelling, teaming up to give readers a real choice.”

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