Civil War Frenzy

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Civil War #1 was released yesterday and the ecstatic reaction from retailers and fans has been unprecedented.  Marvel wants to thank all the the industry for making the launch of this event such a success. 

Most important to note is that multiple retailers were reporting seeing hordes of new customers enter the comic shop yesterday to pick up Civil War #1 thanks to all the mainstream media attention the series has received from NPR, ABC, the New York Times, and many others. And don't forget, Saturday May 6th should be the biggest comics shopping day of the year with Free Comic Book Day; the perfect opportunity to get even more readers involved in the frenzy.

Now on to some retailer reactions:

“Today was one of the most exciting new comic days in my 20 plus years of retailing. So many new faces as well as regulars not wanting to miss out on possibly the biggest happening in the history of Marvel Comics.... No change that, the biggest happening in the history of comics period! - Mike Malve of Atomic Comics, Phoenix, AZ.

"Wow! The initial response to Civil War projects to be our best selling comic... ever! Good thing we ordered extras." - Rick Verbanas of Comic Book, Etc! and Comicbooketc.com, Woodstock, GA.

“Civil War #1 is an unqualified success!  Every single person coming in is picking up a copy, and those who have read it have absolutely loved it. It has also gotten a great deal of press attention that has sent new people into the stores.  What a great way to kick off the summer!” - Tim Stoltzfus More Fun Comics and Games, Lancaster, TX.

“We've seen our regular customers, people who heard about it on NPR, and the folks who just want to see Speedball get blown up.” - Andrew Neal of Chapel Hill Comics, Chapel Hill, NC.

“All of the positive press Marvel worked for with Civil War has paid off with a good number of new and returning customers who have come in because of the NPR piece and a front-page feature in one of the local daily papers.  Each of our stores set up "registration centers" and let customers fill out their own Superhuman Registration Forms for a contest we're running, and we're all having a great time!”  - Chris Powell of Lone Star Comics, Alington, TX.

“The interest in Civil War is actually increasing by the hour.  It’s really getting to people outside of regular comics readers.” Dan Wallace of Impulse Creations, impulsecreations.com.

"A gripping and compelling socio-political thriller, bringing a new and refreshing light to Marvel icons that has not been seen before in comics. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are firing at all cylinders, and comics are sure to change for the better."  - Juan Murcia of Coliseum of Comics, Orlando, FL.

“Just when I think that sales have peaked, something like Civil War comes along and raises the bar again.  Great customer anticipation to Civil War promotion had me ordering at one of our highest levels ever for a Marvel book, making it my highest ordered Marvel issue ever.”  - Robert Scott of Comickaze Comic Books, San Diego, CA.

“The phone is ringing off the hook from customers who want to make sure we haven't sold out yet.  Customers are taking this one out of the bag and reading it as they walk down the street.  As people enter the store the first thing they ask is, "Where's Civil War?" - Carr D’Angelo of Earth-2 Comics, Sherman Oaks, CA.

“The art is fantastic and the story is great. But what really stands out is the incredible production quality. Every copy we received was in beautiful condition. If there was an industry reward for best production of a comic book, Civil War #1 would win hands down!” - Mike Milewski of M and M Comic Service, mmcomics.com

“Civil War delivers a knock out!    Customers are excited that Marvel is tying in real current events into their story arc and people are already lining up taking sides.” -  Drew Lujan of Wanted Comix, wantedcomix.com

“In a week of high profile comics, Civil War #1 is the clear winner.  The social and political impact of this story reaches far beyond the confines of the friendly neighborhood comic store bringing in future and former comic fans alike.”   Brad Bankston of Austin Books and Comics, Austin, TX.

And customers at Coliseum of Comics were overheard to have been saying, “I bought 2 copies of Civil War because I met [Marvel’s Vice President of Sales] David Gabriel here last week."

Oh, and one final quote from Brian Michael Bendis about his trip to his local comic store yesterday aleady being SOLD OUT:  “I do not have one, it is gone.”

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Retailers be advised that you can reorder copies of Civil War #1 with confidence.  And here are two of the most talked about images from Civil War #1.

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