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One of the most common stereotypes among non-comic book readers is that comic books are for kids.

The reality? “Comic books are for kids,” says comic book industry veteran Mike S. Miller, “just as much as they’re for everyone else.”

Enter ALIAS ENTERPRISES, a new publishing company launching in April, 2004 that’s dedicated to stocking comic book shelves with books for all-ages, with books ranging from the G-rated titles The Imaginaries and Pakkin’s Land to the more mature and adult-oriented Deal With the Devil and 10th Muse.

“If there’s one thing we’re about at Alias,” said Miller, who serves as the company’s executive director, “it’s variety. We’re not looking to publish titles that are tied together by a particular look, feel, or theme; we have titles in just about every genre imaginable, with plenty more to come down the road.”

What does tie the Alias titles together, however, is quality. “In preparing for our debut in April, we’ve been very picky about which books and studios we’d pick up,” said Miller. “Simply put, we’re interested in working with established titles that have already stood the test of time or titles from up-and-coming creators and studios that are of high quality but have simply lacked the exposure and resources they needed to get on comic book shelves. When readers discover the Alias section in their local comic book store, they’re not going to find one kind of book that only appeals to one kind of person. They’ll find a collection of titles that are able to offer something to just about anyone.”

Some of the titles debuting in April include:

(written by Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery, art by Mike S. Miller and Greg Titus)

A child's faith is a powerful thing. It gives life to his imagination, and that imagination can even take on a life of its own. But what happens to the imaginary friends, the childhood superheroes, the playmates and stuffed animals when the children who gave them life no longer believe in them? They go to the IMAGINED NATION. Join SUPERHERO G as he explores this strange new world, full of the imaginings of billions of children around the world. Follow him as he meets strange and wonderful characters, the kind only a child could believe in, and discovers a new purpose for his existence unbound by the imaginings of his creator, and free to become more than even he has ever imagined before.

(written by Mike S. Miller, art by Sherwin Schwartzrock)

The tale of a man who once had it all; family, faith, health, the respect and adoration of his peers, and the reputation as the best homicide detective in FBI history. In his last case, his prey became his hunter, and his career was ended in shame and worthlessness. Four years later, his nemesis returns to ask for... his help. Find out why in this thrilling journey through the darkness in a world where things are never what they seem...

(by Monkey Pharmacy, written by KENNETH LILLIE-PAETZ, art by BRIAN DENHAM)

Did the Apocalypse already happen without anyone noticing? Angels scour the sky and demons stalk the streets. Meanwhile, the patients of Elsinore Mental Hospital are under the control of a secret society. Locked up without treatment, the inmates are developing supernatural powers. Humankind's only hope for survival is descending further into madness... The end begins here.

(Previews of all three of these titles are available at http://www.aliasenterprises.com/previews.html)

“We’ve got twelve titles to start with, and we’ll be adding more as the months go by,” said Miller. “We’ve got some great talent signed on, including Dabel Brothers Production (Legacy, The Hedge Knight, The Imaginaries), Runemaster Studios (Lions, Tigers and Bears) and Blue Water (Tenth Muse, Judo Girl), as well as some creators and studios we’ll be announcing down the road.”

“We’re excited about our launch this Spring, and we’ll be doing quite a bit to get the word out. But one thing we’re asking of all who visit our site is this: if you like what you see, please show your friends. Comics is a word-of-mouth business, and we know we’re not going to get very far without a community of fans supporting what we do. Fortunately, the comics industry has some of the best and most loyal fans anyone could ask for, and we hope Alias is going to become as beloved as some of the guys who’ve been around a lot longer.”

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