Dark Nebula Returns Online

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Australia's greatest superhero returns in a new format with all-new, all-different adventures online.

In October the Dynamic Dark Nebula hits the ground running with his first amazing adventure in over a decade. To be a part of comic history, go to ww.thedarknebula.com and check it out!

The Dynamic Dark Nebula is the story of Colonel Mark Medula, an Australian astronaut who becomes host to the spirit of a dormant alien warlord and through a series of close encounters gains power from beyond the grave.

The Dark Nebula made his debut in Australia in 1982 and was published regularly over the following decade, a true pioneer for a generation of Australian comic readers, and an inspiration to fellow creators looking to publish in a country with no discernable 'comics industry' at the time.

Now, after a 15 year absence, Australias greatest super-sensation returns in an all-new format, revealing amazing new facts and a unique perspective on the ways of the world he lives in.

For he first time, his past greatest adventures will now be available for you to enjoy in full colour on the net, followed by brand new, ongoing adventures.

Make the Dark Nebula part of your life, go to HYPERLINK "http://www.thedarknebula.com" www.thedarknebula.com and find out how a famous superhero from the past has made the transition into the future.

The Dark Nebula is the brainchild of Tad Pietrzykowski, who has taken time off from his career as a radio announcer to commit his time to his premier creation.

The new adventures can be accessed for $2.95 a month or $29.95 a year (via Paypal) and punters can be guaranteed a feast of bonus content for their buck!

In October, a brand-new 44 page retelling of The Dark Nebula's fateful origin will be available for subscribers. The artwork is by Shane Foley and retells the very first encounter between Mark Medula and Cerellus, the alien warlord from the planet Caileu!

Bonus! Readers will also be able to read the adventures of Tad's other comic creation, The Southern Cross! FREE! In colour for the first time, this fast-paced series takes us back to 1930s and the exciting world of spies, saboteurs and thrill-a-minute radio broadcasts! These tales are written by Tad P. and illustrated by Glenn Lumsden (Phantom: Ghost Who Walks) and Alex Grancha.

Bonus! As the adventures of The Dark Nebula unfold online, readers will have access to 'in chronology' FREE bonus stories along the way, featuring Australia's super trouble-shooters The Southern Squadron! These stories will feature the talents of Dave de Vries, Gary Chaloner, Ashley Wood and Glenn Lumsden and feature cross-overs and characters from The Dark Nebula stories, expanding his universe and enriching the reader's experience.

Bonus! There is already over a years material ready to upload for subscribers... but that's not all... ALL-NEW material and adventures are already in production! Written by Tad P. and illustrated by Shane Foley! The first year is only the beginning, as Tad and Co. strap themselves in for the future adventures of The Dynamic Dark Nebula!

Get in on the ground level and get ready to blast-off in October! Subscribe today to support the continuing adventures of this landmark character!

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