Deadworld Nears Milestone

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In 2007, Deadworld, the long running zombie series which as been published by Arrow, Caliber, and now Image, will hit the 50th issue under the Deadworld masthead.  Although Deadworld has spawned a number of mini-series and one shots, the actual title of Deadworld has had 46 issues released and number 50 will arrive in the summer of 2007.

Desperado Publishing and Image Comics are actively involved in reaching this milestone as December, 2006 sees a collection of the first six Image issues that started in 2005 as a trade paperback, “Requiem for the World”.  The same month, a new storyline will begin in Deadworld #7 called Slaughterhouse which moves the story ahead a few months and shifts the focus from the teens fleeing the zombies to a group of humans who embark on a plan to take their world back from the dead.

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Deadworld, which began in the 1980’s from Arrow Comics before moving to Caliber, had had three volumes.  The first volume ran 26 issues and featured such artists as Vince Locke, James O’Barr, and Phil Hester before re-starting as volume two which ran for 15 issues.  After a hiatus as the property was tied up in Hollywood, Deadworld volume three launched in 2005 from Desperado and Image.  Deadworld #10, the fourth issue of the Slaughterhouse saga, will be 50th issue of the actual Deadworld title.  However, there have been over a dozen other related titles of Deadworld in one shots and mini-series.

According to Joe Pruett, publisher of Desperado, the reason for the trade paperback following so close on the heels of the last issue released on the current series was due to the lack of availability of the series.  “The first issue sold out almost immediately and the quantities of the remaining issues are very low that they could sell out at any time.  It makes it hard for new readers to get into the series if they can’t get the comics.  So, we’re launching the trade.”

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In the same month as the trade release, Deadworld will continue with issue seven which will also be an introductory saga to allow new readers to come on board.  Writer Gary Reed said that Slaughterhouse was originally intended to be a stand alone mini-series when he first conceived of it, “but it was thought best to fold it directly into the ongoing Deadworld series.  That wasn’t hard as it features the same characters but a different slant.  Deadworld has always been about King Zombie chasing the teens and even though we’re looking a bit different at things, the regular series blends nicely into this storyline.  So, it’s still a great jumping in spot for new readers yet also manages to move the overall story along.”

Deadworld is the tale of a supernatural holocaust that has resulted in the dead returning to life.  The story centers on a group of teens, first seen banded together in a school bus, who attempt to make their way into this dying world and find out their chances are greatly diminished with the presence of intelligent zombies who have embarked on a plan to turn the entire world dead.

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Joining in for the double hit of Deadworld in December are two well known talents who did a lot of work for Caliber.  Tom Sniegoski, writer who re-established Vampirella and wrote many Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels and the hit comic, “Talent” is providing the Introduction to the trade paperback.  Michael Gaydos, artist on Alias and Spiderman, will be providing the covers for the Slaughterhouse story arc.

For more information on Deadworld, visit www.deadworld.info.


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