Divine Retribution: The Good, The Bad and The Holy

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Three warriors of different faiths brought together by the word of God…and that word is retribution.
The setting:  19th century Mexico.

The situation:  As the Civil War rages to the north, the French invade Mexico under Napoleon III, attempting to set up the Second Mexican Empire with Maximilian as its king.  Despite support from the Roman Catholic Church, the aristocracy, and some early military gains, an unexpected defense by the Republicans under deposed president Benito Juarez begins to slow and then reverse French progress.  

In October of 1865 Maximilian issues the “Black Decree,” which commands that any Republican captured from that point on – or anyone known to be aiding the Republicans – is to be summarily executed without trial.  Atrocities abound.  Entire villages are wiped out on the basis of rumor.
At the height of the carnage, Michael appears to three people in different parts of the country almost simultaneously:  a young nun…a newly ordained rabbi…and a descendent of imams.  Each is taken down a particular path…each is tested through a trial by fire…and when he deems them ready, all three, under Michael’s guidance, are brought together and conspire to drive the French from Mexico.

This is the basis for DIVINE RETRIBUTION:  The Good, The Bad, and the Holy, a story told in five parts that is a tonal mixture of Cormac McCarthy, Sergio Leone, and Joan of Arc.  


The original treatment is written by Ron Osborn, a successful screenwriter and producer, who has also previously written "Meet Joe Black", as well as writing on “West Wing”, and “Moonlighting”, among other projects. The screenplay will be adapted into a graphic novel by Ron and Nikola Jajic, who has previously written three graphic novels (The Big Bad Book, Loosely Based, & Devil's Island) for Arcana comics and Alterna comics respectively.  Elias Martins is the sequential artist, he’s a talented professional and continues to open eyes and improve with every page he finishes.
Anarchy Management develops new projects for both film and print, and has put this creative team together to create an unforgettable graphic novel.
If you’re a fan of westerns, historical fiction, and the supernatural, than this is going to be the book for you! Get onboard now!

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