Dressing Up for Civil War

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After the life-changing events of the Other, Spider-Man has become a new man and Tony Stark has decided to mark the occasion by giving Peter Parker a brand-new costume in Amazing Spider-Man #529.  And if a new costume wasn’t enough already to mark this a milestone issue, what begins in Amazing Spider-Man #529 lays the groundwork for Marvel’s event of 2006: Civil War!

Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, “Amazing Spider-Man #529 begins a three-issue arc that will justifiably be cover-blurbed as part of the ‘Road to Civil War,’ as Tony Stark and his new protégé Peter Parker journey to Washington to debate superhuman legislation in the wake of ‘Decimation.’  And for readers who aren’t as into parliamentary procedure, there’ll also be a smackdown between Spidey in his spiffy new costume and a villain from Iron Man’s past!”. 

You know what that sounds like, True Believer?  That’s right folks, a Civil War is forming on the horizon and the road to war starts right here in Amazing Spider-Man #529!   

But before you see any Marvel superheroes on the battlefront, you MUST see Spider-Man’s new costume. 

You’ve seen the previews of the new suit; now see Spider-Man put his new costume into action.  This is no mere fashion change either, as the costume is actually an armor equipped with several pieces of advanced weaponry, including pincer claws and many others surprises.  

The best part of all is that Peter is going to be getting accustomed to his new armor on the fly, surprising his foes, readers, and even himself with the suit’s capabilities.

Straczynski has spun some of the greatest Spider-Man tales in years and reviewers have been quick to note that his work to date has been especially exciting to read. 

Barry Shaffner of PaperbackReader.com says, “The day Mr. Straczynski leaves this title will be a sad one for me. He constantly produces quality work. This is the one Marvel comic book to read every month.”     

If you are a fan of anything Marvel, you cannot miss Amazing Spider-Man #529, featuring the debut of Spider-Man’s all-new costume as well as serving as a huge marker on the road to the blockbuster event known only as Civil War.  Jump onboard for an exciting new era for Spider-Man as well and the entire Marvel Universe.  

Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY
FOC - 2/2, On Sale - 2/22/2006

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