Ellis Releases Doktor Sleepless Details

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In two of his Bad Signal email newsletters, writer Warren Ellis released more information about his upcoming Avatar Press series, Doktor Sleepless. Copies of both announcements are reprinted below.

DOKTOR SLEEPLESS is my new longform science fiction comics novel for grown-ups like what you are.

It's being published by Avatar Press.

It will be monthly, and in full colour.

It will sell for US$3.99, like an IDW book, because that's the cost of doing business.

It will have backmatter. Massive backmatter. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS will be shadowed by a wiki at www.doktorsleepless.com and backmatter will move to and from the wiki. Sometimes it'll be seen in print before it goes on the wiki, sometimes not.

Once the book's live, the wiki will be opened up for readers to add to it. You will see why.

DOKTOR SLEEPLESS will be launched in July.

# # #

The artist is a little-seen European guy called Ivan Rodriguez. Good illustrator. Shaving the commercial sheen off him a bit, roughing him up. It's strong stuff.

Covers: Avatar Press do variant covers. Live with it. When people stop buying them, Avatar will stop doing them. Three covers per issue. There will be no confusion.

Click to enlarge

* Standard cover, by Ivan.

* Antique cover, by Raul Casares: pure black and white, done in a style reminiscent of Bernie Wrightson's FRANKENSTEIN illustrations. Wraparound. Yeah. No colour, except on the logo.

* Warning cover: these covers are just graphics, based on the Fake Warning Signs that the Doktor is pasting over Heavenside in the story. A different big fucking Fake Warning Sign filling the cover, every time.

I imagine each one has a different order number, but don't yet know for sure.


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