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Forget spandex-clad superheroes; today's comic-book fans demand more realistic champions. That's why film/television scribe Andrew Cosby and "Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman" artist Matt Haley decided it was time for an American "007" to take the stage. Together with upstart comic publisher BOOM! Studios, they're releasing a new comic series called G.I. SPY" in July.

"G.I. SPY" is a war-behind-the-war story which follows America's first counterintelligence agent as he uncovers Hitler's secret 'wonder weapons' program, which if left unchecked could give the Nazis the edge and allow them to actually win the Second World War - and rule the world.

"It's basically 'James Bond meets Indiana Jones', with Albert Einstein as "Q", and World War II as the backdrop," says co-creator Cosby. "It's a genre hybrid that blends the pulp adventure of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and THE MUMMY with the edge of modern-day spy thrillers like THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. The idea behind the series was to give the reader a glimpse of what the history books don't tell us - as seen through the eyes of this American secret agent who saved our collective bacon over and over again."

Series artist Matt Haley remarks "The feedback we've gotten from soldiers who've seen the book and the website is 100% positive - they love it! I just wish there was a way to get more copies in their hands, it's something they can read no matter where they are."

The hero of their story is American G.I. and ace fighter pilot "Jack Shepherd", a bit of a rookie to the spy game, who's not the suave, perfect "James Bond" type. Untested and a bit naive, his patriotism is the main motivator that drives him. And, while the story and characters are completely fictional, there is one member of the cast who's very much a real person: Albert Einstein, who serves as Jack's mentor and creates all manner of bizarre gadgets for the newly-minted superspy.

"He's right at the heart of this comic series, ultimately becoming a kind of father figure to Jack," continues Cosby. "I mean, here's this pacifist who inadvertently helped to create the most destructive device known to man. That makes for great internal conflict and drama.

Jack's rival in the series is Kaitlin Hunter, a beautiful, by-the-book British agent who is Jack's opposite in every way, having the experience and training that Jack doesn't. Her background is with the Special Operations Executive, forerunner of MI-6.

"G.I. SPY" is the brainchild of screenwriter and producer Andrew Cosby, creator of the new SciFi Channel series EUREKA, and artist Matt Haley, animation designer of the "Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman" American Express commercials. Their "Eyes Only Preview" of "G.I. SPY" is in comics shops now, and the first issue of their miniseries will hit stores in July. Coinciding with the release of the "Eyes Only Preview" this week, they have also launched the official website at http://www.gispyonline.com.

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