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Joe Casey, one of the most prolific and successful writers in comics, is set to launch his first Image Comics ongoing series beginning this June.

Fans of cosmic adventure had better prepare themselves for this one.

GØDLAND, featuring art by Tom Scioli (fresh off FREEDOM FORCE, The Fantastic Four, and his own Myth of Opus-8), introduces readers to Adam Archer, the world's first star-powered superhero. And with powers drawn from the stars, it's only a matter of time before Adam attracts attention that's more...alien in nature.

GØDLAND promises readers rollicking adventure on a cosmic scale, with a mood hearkening back to legendary epics along the lines of Jack Kirby's NEW GODS or Jim Starlin's WARLOCK. And Casey and Scioli intend for each issue to be a complete and satisfying experience, while simultaneously building momentum for a far-reaching, star-spanning superheroic odyssey, introducing an entire universe of new characters including Basil Cronus, Discordia, Crashman, the Tormentor and Friedrich Nickelhead, just to name a few.

"If there is a hook here," says Casey. "I guess it's the 'everything all at once' approach we're taking, where every issue is a complete experience. No writing for the trade. No 'Part 1 of 6' nonsense. GØDLAND is meant to be the kind of comic book that comes straight from the spinner rack," says Casey.

Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen is especially enthusiastic in his praise of the book and its creative team.

"When I first took on the Publishing gig over here at Image Comics, I hooked Joe up with artist Tom Scioli and the combination of these two talents have produced a book which is nothing short of breathtaking," asserts Larsen. "GØDLAND is guaranteed to set a high water mark for both creators for years to come! I couldn't recommend it higher!"

Naturally, Casey is fired up to be working on a creator-owned book at Image, and is equally excited to be working with Scioli.

"Tom's proven in his own work that he's got a visual imagination to be reckoned with, and he's definitely pulling out all the stops on this book," says the writer. "Honestly, I would never have considered a series like this without him on board as my co-pilot.  His commitment to this particular brand of cosmic epic storytelling has absolutely inspired me."

As a longtime fan and acquaintance of Casey's, Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson is excited to be publishing work that allows the writer the freedom to pull out all the creative stops.

"If there's one thing I've learned about Joe Casey in the ten years or so since I first met him," says Stephenson. "It's that he's not afraid to try new and different things when it comes to creating comics. He never does the same thing twice and he never takes his audience for granted. He's in there, month-in and month-out, doing everything he can to wow his readers and I think it shows."

GØDLAND will be solicited in the April issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and will hit stores June 22.

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