G?dland Sells Out Twice

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With everyone from THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR to America's favorite pop culture magazine, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, raving about GØDLAND, Image Comics is announcing the complete sell out of both GØDLAND #1 and GØDLAND #2 at Diamond. Both sold out issues were overprinted and supported by Image's standard overship.

"GØDLAND has been some of the most fun I've had writing comicbooks in years, so obviously I'm absolutely floored that the response to it has been so great," said co-creator and writer Joe Casey. "The book is a labor of pure love -- both for the concept and the medium itself -- and we're all hoping this is just the beginning of a long, healthy run."

To compliment Casey's writing, GØDLAND features the amazing art of co-creator Tom Scioli, who said, "This means a lot to me. When we were working on these issues, we had no idea what the reaction would be. Joe and I knew that we were enjoying it and that the folks at Image were enjoying it, but you never know what the readers are going to think. It's a little bit of vindication after years of hearing that  readers don't want this kind of material. I'd love it if we were at the forefront of a renaissance of the cosmic epic."

GØDLAND is a fresh and thoroughly modern take on the "Cosmic Superhero Epic" made famous in the 1970s by some of the greatest creators in comic book history. It follows the adventures of Commander Adam Archer, and his three sisters, as they all try to cope with the fantastic cosmic powers he posseses after a failed mission to Mars brought him in contact with the Cosmic Fetus Collective.

Scioli also enthused "It’s very gratifying! I’m glad it’s been so well-received. This is a great start for our little comic. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Is there a gold record or something you get for this? This is like when you get a happy-face sticker or a gold star in school. In adulthood, you don’t have too many of those gold star moments, so I’m going to enjoy this one."

Concluded Casy, "We're having a great time putting this series together every month, so it's fantastic that people are so into it.  And the fact that Tom and I are so far ahead of schedule on this book, I can tell you unequivocally that the best is yet to come!"

Currently both GØDLAND #3 (JUN051783) and GØDLAND #4 (JUL051655) are on sale, with GØDLAND #5 (SEP051695) in stores November 16th.

The first GØDLAND trade paperback, HELLO COSMIC!, collects issues #1-6 and will be in-stores January, just in time for issue #7, another great jumping point for the series. Your local comic retailer can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering on any of these books.

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