Hellish Fuzzy Bunnies

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Created/edited by Jason Shane Powell
Written by Bobby Nash
Art (pencils/inks) by Stephen Toth
Coloring by Robert Snyder & Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Lettering by Simon Bowland

The first time he was unleashed he almost destroyed the world. But when his conjurer betrayed him, he was stopped and returned to the pits of Hell. But Hell doesn’t want him and sent him back once again! And Hell hath no fury like a demon rabbit scorned.

Available for the first time ever in Trade Paperback format, this issue contains amazing artwork by Stephen Toth, Todd Nauck, Steve Kurth, Bill Maus, Thomas Thurman and, Ethan Van Sciver!

Cover price:: $9.95 USD / $13.50 CDN 
Soliciting in April's Diamond/Previews for a June 2005 release APR052632
ISBN 0-9763095-2-1

"FUZZY BUNNIES, I've read that. It is really good, but I have been in therapy ever since!" -TERRY MOORE (creator/artist of STRANGERS IN PARADISE)

"As soon as I saw the giant cartoon rabbit I was sold!" -STEVEN KURTH (artist for GI JOE, GHOSTBUSTERS)

"How can you miss with a name like FUZZY BUNNIES FROM HELL?" -THOMAS THURMAN (artist for THE BELIEVER from IMAGE COMICS)



Hey artists, here is your chance to win some cool prizes and get you work published in the upcoming FUZZY BUNNIES FROM HELL Original Graphic Novel – ISBN: 0-9763095-2-1 – (I might add and repeat - the first OGN by http://www.arcanastudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1574ARCANA STUDIO--- be published AND be a part of history)!

The Assignment – All you have to do is draw an amazingly cool poster (full-color or black-and-white) featuring the Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell characters. The image may be any size you like (if your poster wins we will shrink it to fit onto the printed page). For the winners, please have a 300 dpi TIF copy of your finished product available for us to use.

Please post all pinups in the Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell art contest thread over at the Arcana message board (as an image or as a link to where the picture is hosted) and e-mail them to:  (either form of entry will be considered a valid submission; however, we’d love for you to e-mail your work also as those linked pictures have a nasty habit of turning into Red X’s that keeps the judges from seeing your beautiful finished product! So please, post AND send!)

(By the way, we’re fond of parody posters, especially horror movie posters - *hint hint*! And you can find character designs http://www.arcanastudio.com/gallery/fbfhHERE - as well as in the forum HERE: http://www.arcanastudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1461

Judges and Standards – The FBFH team will review each submission and pick our favorites. Each entrant may submit any number of original pieces of art for consideration. The contest is open to anyone and everyone (save current employees of ARCANA STUDIO!)

Deadline – The deadline is Midnight PST May 21, 2005.

Prizes – The top five entries will receive an autographed copy of the FUZZY BUNNIES FROM HELL OGN from ARCANA STUDIO, a limited edition poster (signed by Ralph, himself), and a pack of Eon's READY-TO-INK boards so you can keep on drawing!

AND… The 1st place winner will have their work published in the book as a one page poster/pinup alongside such talents as Ethan Van Sciver and Todd Nauck! While the 2nd through 5th place winners will have their entries reprinted as quarter of a page mini-posters!

Plus, ARCANA STUDIO looks at contestants as a potential source of new talent. So, think of this as a way to get your foot in the door with an up-and-coming publisher, get some respect as a published artist, AND have a good time!

Good luck and get started. THANKS!

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