Image Comics Previews For January 11, 2012

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Image Comics has provided BF with a first look at their titles (The Darkness, Invincible, Whispers, Luther Strode, Pigs, Severed, Moriarty, Blue Estate, Deadlands, Avengelyne, Last of the Greats, Reed Gunther), coming to stores January 11, 2012.

The Darkness #97 (MR)

Story by: Phil Hester
Art By: Romano Molenaar
Cover By: Jeremy Haun
Variant Cover by: Marc Silvestri
Price: $2.99


Longtime Darkness bearer, Jackie Estacado, is on a mission to destroy the one enemy that can strike at the core of his life? the Darkness itself. But fighting his way through the Darkness? home dimension, Estacado will encounter unexpected ghosts from his past. Long time writer PHIL HESTER (Wonder Woman, Green Hornet) and ROMANO MOLENAAR (THE DARKNESS II: CONFESSION) barrel towards the landmark issue #100!



Whispers #1 (MR)

By: Joshua Luna
Price: $2.99

A mentally troubled man is suddenly empowered with the ability to leave his physical body in "ghost" form and manipulate people in strange and disturbing ways. With this incredible power, will he control his demons...or discover even more?
JOSHUA LUNA of the Luna Brothers (ULTRA, GIRLS, THE SWORD) makes a solo debut with a dark, supernatural thriller that questions free will and explores the obsessions, addictions and urges we all have and may not have control of at all.



Avengelyne #6 (MR)

Story by: Rob Liefeld & Mark Poulton
Art By: Owen Gieni
Cover By: Owen Gieni, Rob Liefeld, Jon Malin
Price: $2.99

"THE HAND OF GOD," Part Three

Conclusion to the second story arc! Avengelyne and Passover join Devlin on his exploration of the paranormal and learn more about his secret past with Operation Hellstrike. Meanwhile, Father Michael pays a visit to Torment, Ned Crowley, as he awaits trial! Will Priest tag along for the visit? Plus, an Extreme Origins back-up written by MARK POULTON with art by a guest artist!



Blue Estate Vol. 2 TP (MR)

Story by: Viktor Kalvachev & Andrew Osborne
Art By: Viktor Kalvachev, Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox, Tomm Coker, Andrew Robinson, Marley Zarcone
Colored By: Viktor Kalvachev
Cover By: Viktor Kalvachev
Price: $12.99

The stakes increase and the body count rises when a pair of underachieving sons on opposite sides of the law betray their powerful fathers, triggering paranoia, chaos, and a deadly case of Dexter obsession in the second volume of the BLUE ESTATE saga.  Killers battle, schemes unravel, assassins get deployed and garden gnomes are destroyed as the supercool Hollywood crime series reloads in this bonus-packed new trade paperback collection!

Collects BLUE ESTATE #5-8

"BLUE ESTATE takes the best of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, but remains unabashedly original." - USA Today





Deadlands: Black Water (One-Shot)


Price: $2.99

Based on the game DEADLANDS from PINNACLE ENTERTAINMENT Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment bring the weird Western world of Deadlands to comics! When evil takes over a sleepy western town it will take a heartless father to save the souls of the innocent in the final of four one-shots. Backup series also wraps up the origin of Billy the Kid in the world of Deadlands! Do not miss this!



Invincible #87 (MR)

Story by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Ryan Ottley & John Rauch
Price: $2.99


It came from outer space--and Invincible was completely unprepared. Get ready for another classic beat down in the grand Invincible fashion--but what does this have to do with The Viltrumites?



Invincible Vol. 15: Get Smart TP (MR)

Story by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Ryan Ottley
Cover By: Ryan Ottley & John Rauch
Price: $16.99

Mark Grayson finds himself at a crossroads: Is fighting battles head-on always the best solution to the world's greatest threats, or is there a better way?

Collects INVINCIBLE # 79-84




The Last of the Greats #4 (MR)

Story by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art By: Brent Peeples
Cover By: Jenny Frison & Brent Peeples
Price: $2.99

"THE DEAL," Part Four

Meet mankind's last hope for survival. He's called The Last, and he hates our guts.

Meet the Family. Beaumont and The Last stand at a crossroads, and coming between them is the strange new entity named The Child. Does she represent a new era of the Greats or the end of us all?



Moriarty #8 (MR)

Story by: Daniel Corey
Art By: Anthony Diecidue
Price: $2.99


A full-scale riot breaks out in the streets of Kyauktada, and the British authorities sweep in to take control. The mystery begins to unravel, and Moriarty becomes aware of the lurking threat of Moran's sniper rifle hunting him in the shadows.



The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #4 (MR)

Story by: Justin Jordan
Art By: Tradd Moore

Price: $2.99

Luther versus The Librarian, Round One! The truth is revealed as Luther meets the Librarian for the first time and finds out the origin of his abilities and what the pinstriped madman has planned for him. All your questions are answered as the countdown to the end begins.



Severed #6 (of 7) (MR)

Story by: Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft
Art By: Attila Futaki
Price: $2.99


In 1916, a boy runs away from home in search of his father. But along the way he meets a salesman with sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh.

SCOTT SNYDER (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN, SWAMP THING), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (NYT Best-Selling-Artist: PERCY JACKSON) comes the most terrifying horror series of the last year.



Pigs #5 (MR)

Story by: Nate Cosby & Ben McCool
Art By: Breno Temura
Cover By: Dave Gibbons
Price: $2.99



The Cuban KGB sleeper cell's gotta break into the most dangerous prison on earth & kill a neo-Nazi.
It goes...BADLY.



Reed Gunther #7

Story by: Chris Houghton
Art By: Shane Houghton

Price: $2.99


The bear-riding cowboy loses all of Starla's money buying a nifty new pair of boots. In order to make that money back, Reed plans to collect the bounty on a rowdy cowboy who strolls into town once a month to spread terror as a werewolf! A done-in-one adventure!



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