Kevin Smith's Kato Heats Up

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Spinning-off from the hugely successful Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, Dynamite is giving Kevin Smith's newest creation her own monthly series with Kevin Smith's Kato!  More Green Hornet excitement from Dynamite in an incredible spin-off featuring the all-new Kato and the mysterious Black Hornet! Featuring elements direct from Kevin Smith's unproduced screenplay filling in the blanks on the new Kato, the old Kato and the mystery of the Black Hornet! "Not my Father's Daughter" is filled with excitement, action, intrigue and more - 5 issues of Fury as the world of Kato old and new is rocked forever and sets a course that intertwines with the destiny and legend of the Green Hornet!

With Kevin Smith's Green Hornet reaching mainstream attention on MTV and WWE.com, not to mention his own Twitter account, now is the time to jump on the Green Hornet Bandwagon!  Kevin Smith's Kato, written by Ande Parks and drawn by Diego Bernard, explores the days just before the ongoing Kevin Smith's Green Hornet series, telling a tale of loves lost and ultimate revenge featuring the original Kato, his daughter, and the mysterious Black Hornet!  Enjoy the further adventures of the new Kato is Kevin Smith's Kato as issue #2 hits stores in May!

"Kato #2 is our kung-fu action issue.  Our bad guy has done something truly horrific to Kato.  In the aftermath they go blow to blow for just about the entire issue.  I watched a lot of Bruce Lee action to write this battle.  I can't wait to see it in print.  I know Diego is going to draw the hell out of it."

Written by Ande Parks
Art by Diego Bernard
Main cover by JOE BENITEZ, ALÉ GARZA (1-in-10 chase cover) & JOHNNY D. (1-in-25 chase cover)
32 pages $3.99


Preview pages of KEVIN SMITH'S KATO #1
Written by Ande Parks
Art by Diego Bernard
32 pages $3.99



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