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Stan Lee's Sunday Comics, an imprint of Komikwerks (www.komikwerks.com) announces a trifecta: a third addition to its new breed of free, high-standard online comics.

ELF-HELP is a comedy fantasy adventure by writer Robert Burke Richardson (STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS 8) and artist Martín Morazzo (THE NETWORK).

ELF-HELP will update on Wednesdays for AOL users, and a day later for the rest of the world.

“They say the golden age of comic books is whatever year it was when you were twelve:  ELF-HELP is a comic for the twelve-year-old in all of us,” says Richardson. “It's sophomoric, juvenile, and, very occasionally (when it thinks you're not looking), just a little bit poignant.  It's a story about friendship, and is brought to life with incredible care and respect by artist Martín Morazzo and colorist Robt Snyder.”

“ELF-HELP makes me laugh,” says Steve  Horton, online comics editor for Stan Lee's Sunday Comics. “The characters' personalities are outstanding, and the situations these young teens find themselves in are fascinating. Plus, Morazzo's art is breathtaking.”

“The first episode is all about the only thing every single human being loves as soon as they're born: breasts,” says Richardson. “The whole species loves breasts -- mammals are named for the mammary gland, after all.  One might even go so far as to say it is the DUTY of every single human being on the planet to read ELF-HELP… the survival of the species may depend on it!”

Check out ELF-HELP on AOL Wednesdays, and on www.komikwerks.com on Thursdays!

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