Komikwerks Launches Blogwerks

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Komikwerks unveiled today a new addition to the ever-expanding portal for web comics. Blogwerks adds the popular phenomena of blogging to the site, with blogs dedicated to each of its numerous online comic strips.

"In the past few years blogging has revolutionized content on the web," said Director of Web Development Rob M. Worley. "This simple but effective publishing technology gives everyone a voice. So it was only natural that the comics creators at Komikwerks started asking for blogs and we're very excited to be offering them now."

Komikwerks Blogwerks (http://www.komikwerks.com/blogwerks) are available to all creators contributing to strips on the website. The blogs will feature behind-the-scenes looks at the development of the online comics. "But true to the nature of blogging, it'll really be to the creators to decide what they write about," said Worley.

Robert Burke Richardson, writer of the popular "Elf Help"
(http://www.komikwerks.com/comic_title.php?ti=116) comic, has already made good use of his Blogwerks space, with one feature breaking down the anatomy of a page and another feature previewing upcoming strips.

Blogwerks is built on the foundation of the highly robust, but sometimes overlooked b2evolution (http://www.b2evolution.net) software, which Worley calls, "an outstanding work of open source technology." The blogs are tightly integrated with Komikwerks online comic strip management.

Additional blogs sections are already being prepped for "Grounded Angel" and "Universal Intergalactic Discovery Company" with many more planned to coincide with Komikwerks' ongoing growth.

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