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LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS #13, the first new issue in more than fifteen years, features the long-awaited return of Heroic Publishing's flagship superhero team. In this book-length, 27-page adventure, Chapter One in a four-issue story arc, Heroic's glittering superstar, FLARE, is joined by nearly all of Heroic's costumed Champions. The roster of Champions includes THE BLACK ENCHANTRESS, DOCTOR ARCANE, FLARE, GIANT, THE HUNTSMAN, ICESTAR, ICICLE, NEMESIS GIRL, NIGHTWIND, PSYCHE, SPARKPLUG, and THE TIGRESS, plus guest appearances by CHRISSIE CLAUS and the fabulous FLYING FOX! The story's by Dennis Mallonee, with artwork by Henry Martinez and Rob Lansley, and also features the awe-inspiring debut of AURA, the mysterious Golden Girl!

In addition to this electronic edition of League of Champions #13, virtually every issue of each title in Heroic Publishing's classic library of comic books is now available free from Wowio.com. There are also many other issues of various Heroic Publishing titles available at Wowio.com that have never been seen in print, including SPARKPLUG #3, ANTHEM #5, and CHAMPIONS#40.

Pay a Wowio a visit at http://www.wowio.com, and find out how you can start downloading electronic comics for free. You can find LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS #13 at http://www.heroicpub.com/wowio.php?bookid=3865

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