Lions, Tigers and Bears #1 Sells Out

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On February 2nd of 2005, Runemaster Studios, Alias Enterprises and Image Comics joined forces to release Lions, Tigers and Bears #1. Two and a half weeks later when retailers contacted Diamond Comics Distributors to replenish their depleted stock they found out there were no more available. It seems that comic readers are ready for more than just super heroes and stories based on licensed properties after all.

Lions, Tigers and Bears has rapidly made its way to the forefront of the new wave of original, all-ages material currently hitting the comic market. The fact that the first issue in the series sold out before the second issue even shipped to stores proves the demand for original all-ages material is growing at a rapid pace.

“We really wanted to do something fresh and new,” states Jack Lawrence, artist on the hit series. “When Mike and I first began discussing our views on comic creation, we found out rather quickly that we have a lot in common and one of those things is the desire to create stories anyone of any age can enjoy.”

"I really wondered just how the book would be received when we first decided to do it. I mean, there really are no super heroes or super villains, no giant robots, no evil alien despots and the only real power in the book comes in the form of the imaginations of two children," said writer Mike Bullock. "Thankfully, both retailers and fans embraced Joey and the Night Pride and we couldn’t begin to thank them enough for their overwhelming support.”

With the second issue coming out in less than two weeks, on March 9th, Team Lions, Tigers and Bears hope readers make sure their retailers are aware of the demand for the series. 

“It’s a terrible shame the precarious position retailers are placed in with the current comic market,” added Bullock. “Order too high and risk getting stuck with piles of non-returnable merchandise. Order too slim and watch as your customers are unable to purchase things from your store. It’s really a double-edged blade they’re forced to walk every month. Hopefully, retailers will see the demand for this first issue and respond accordingly with re-orders for the next two issues and stronger pre-order numbers on the final book in this series.”

Lions, Tigers & Bears is a four issue, all-ages monthly mini series launched in 2005 from Image Comics. Created and written by Mike Bullock, with art by Jack Lawrence, Lions, Tigers & Bears has quickly become one of Image Comics most critically acclaimed debuts of 2005.

Here’s what others have to say about Lions, Tigers & Bears #1:

"This has all the ingredients of a truly incredible story." -Mike Kunkel, HeroBear and the Kid

"Well, let's take inventory here; amazing concept, great script, gorgeous art, and a pure love of storytelling that permeates every page. First class all the way, and I want more NOW." -Gail Simone, Birds of Prey

“Mike and Jack have crafted a book that confirms to the youngest of us the possibilities of magic in our world-- and touches the hearts of the oldest of us to remind us of the power and importance of imagination.” -Mike Wieringo, Fantastic Four

“Bullock and Lawrence seem determined to remind us that comics are supposed to be fun to read.”
-Michael Maillaro, Comics Nexus

“[Lions, Tigers and Bears] stirs memories of childhood boredom and the fun you can have with the greatest gift you were given, your imagination.” -James Redington, Silver Bullet Comic Books

“This is one of the most delightful and original stories I've ever read within the pages of a comic book.” – Robin Parrish, Infuze Magazine

More information regarding Lions, Tigers and Bears, Mike Bullock, Jack Lawrence and Runemaster Studios, Inc., its members, services, properties and other projects can be found at http://www.runemasterstudios.com.

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