Mars Attacks #1 Sells Out in a Big Way

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IDW Publishing is proud to announce that the premiere issue of our MARS ATTACKS series by comics superstars John Layman and John McCrea has officially sold out of its substantial first printing!

The release for the inaugural issue of MARS ATTACKS was an admittedly ambitious one. Utilizing the original card art from Topps’ classic trading cards, along with McCrea’s kinetic new cover, this first issue shipped 56 covers in total. To top it off, a deluxe box set collecting all 56 covers, plus an exclusive 57th cover, was also offered to fans and retailers seeking maximum Martian saturation. We were pleased to find a host of fans looking forward to the exploits of our would-be Martian masters, and both the single issues and the box sets have sold out, meaning nearly 55,000 issues of MARS ATTACKS #1 have invaded comic shops across the globe! Also worth noting for collectors, this means that less than 1,000 copies of each classic card cover are floating around out there, so if you didn’t pick up a box set, vigilance is going to be key!

Continuing the vicious Martian invasion even further, IDW is pleased to announce MARS ATTACKS THE HOLIDAYS! This October, this new one-shot is being created as a unique, off-the-wall take on MARS ATTACKS and will see Topps’ vicious Martian invaders reigning chaos upon beloved holiday icons the world over. In four stories by such talents as Dean Haspiel, Fred Hembeck, Ian Boothby, and Bill Morrison, the conquerors from the Red Planet set out to spread mayhem and madness towards man over 48 full-color pages.

Usually it would be bad news that Earth is going to be under attack for the rest of the year, but this is all rather exciting!

MARS ATTACKS #1 is a full-color, 32-page comic that is in stores now. Diamond order code: APR120315
MARS ATTACKS THE HOLIDAYS is a full-color, 48-page comic that will be in stores October 24, 2012.

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