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ALIAS Comics announced today that it has set a release date of June 29th for the first issue of its hotly anticipated upcoming martial arts title, DEVIL’S KEEPER, which will have a cover price of 75 cents. To commemorate the occasion, series creator Mike S. Miller has also released a sneak preview of the first issue’s final cover.

DEVIL’S KEEPER is the story of an order of Chinese Monks who follow the “Shang Ti Do” – a special form of kung fu that grants its practitioners incredible strength and power as they hunt down rogue demons who terrorize the countryside in the remote regions of historic China. Unfortunately, the order of monks is destroyed by a powerful demon named Chi Tao, and those who survive are forced to hide and pass their teachings down secretly from generation to generation.

In the present day, Lee Chang, the last surviving master of Shang Ti Do, loses his son in a battle with Chi Tao and is forced to locate a new heir to the art. Of the students he takes on, he selects three pupils – Tyrone, Asher, and Paul – to learn the secrets of Shang Ti Do. But Chi Tao is working behind the scenes to ensure that these students cause Lee Chang nothing but problems, and he plans to use the three of them to eradicate Shang Ti Do forever.

Featuring powered-up, martial arts action in the vein of Hong Kong action films and modern classics like “The Matrix” and “Kill Bill”, DEVIL’S KEEPER also offers a deep story about faith, betrayal, love, and redemption.

“I came up with the idea of DEVIL’S KEEPER over eight years ago, and it’s gone through many evolutions since then,” said Mike S. Miller, who is also overseeing the book as Project Director. “It’s good to finally see it in print, especially at such a great introductory price!”

DEVIL’S KEEPER will be published by ALIAS Comics as an ongoing series beginning with its debut issue on June 29th, which will be priced at 75 cents as part of ALIAS’s “20-year Rollback” promotion. The series features writing by Sean J. Jordan, with art by Carlos Paul and Lynx Studios. The first issue can be pre-ordered at any comic book retailer via Diamond Distributors, order code APR052554.

“We haven’t begun our print run yet, so it’s not too late to get those orders in,” said Miller. “It’s going to be a great book!”

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