Mignola Confirmed for BICS 2007

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Confirmed to fly in from America for an exclusive UK weekend long appearance at the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS 2007) on October 13-14th is Mike Mignola, the award-winning creator of the Hellboy comic book series and blockbuster film franchise!
With one live-action film in the bag and another due, two animation films currently out on DVD, plus a plethora of comic book releases featuring both Hellboy and its successful spin-off BPRD imminent over the coming twelve months this is a major high profile year for Mike Mignola.
That Mignola has chosen BICS 20007 to spend quality time with fans at, rather than elsewhere in Europe, demonstrates the hard work that the show’s organisers go to so that they can ensure value for money and a smile on the face of those attending. Prior commitments prevented the creator being one of the international guests at the debut show, but regular dialogue with BICS and the good word that last year’s guests took back to America made this a date Mignola did not want to miss.
“Mike Mignola is the first of our very special international guests that we can reveal to the public. We are proud, honoured and also pretty excited ourselves that he will be appearing exclusively at BICS 2007,” said the organisers.
The appearance of Mike Mignola at BICS 2007 will appeal to comic book fans, movie buffs, horror aficionados, and followers of fantasy. What is more, thanks to its silver screen success, Hellboy is well known to the mainstream public and so just as superbly accessible to the bloke on the street!
For Mignola to be taking time away from creative endeavours is a rare and precious thing. For him to be spending it in Birmingham ensures that England’s second city shopkeepers and hotels will be as pleased at the incoming trade due to the number of people who will arrive in Birmingham to see the Hellboy creator as his fans.
Background Information on Mike Mignola:
Michael Mignola began his career drawing adaptations of British sci-fi and fantasy author Michael Moorcock’s Prince Corum books for First Comics, subsequently working for the two major US companies, Marvel and DC Comics. Among the books he pencilled for Marvel were the Canadian superhero group series Alpha Flight and, for its Epic imprint, Fritz Leiber’s sword and sorcery novel favourites Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser (a collection now back in print from Dark Horse). Work for DC included an eerie mini-series featuring The Phantom Stranger and Batman: Gotham by Gaslight the company’s debut Elseworlds Prestige book.
In 1993 things began to hot up for Mignola when he created Hellboy for Dark Horse’s creator-owned Legend imprint. A devil of a character, Hellboy has been described as the  “world’s greatest paranormal investigator”. Enthusing B-movie aplomb, pulp pastiche and a dash of American comic book icon Jack Kirby’s visual dynamics to Mignola’s own unique stylised approach, together with the spirit of adventure he imbued in the series, proved to be a strong sales incentive and swiftly found favour with fans and critics alike. Mini-series have been collected into popular trade paperbacks, and a regular line of spin-off mini-series and their subsequent collections under the BPRD title heading come about, all before Hollywood came a calling wanting to turn Hellboy into movie magic.
Directed by Guillermo del Tora the 2004 Hellboy feature film proved a box office success and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is expected to hit the silver screen in 2008. Keeping the franchise alive, animated films Sword of Storms and Blood and Iron are currently available on DVD.
Mike Mignola himself has also produced design, illustration and storyboard work for animation and live-action films. These include Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (subsequently drawing the comic series for Topps), an adaptation of his own comic The Amazing Screw-On Head for the Sci-Fi channel, Blade II, Batman: the Animated Series and Batman Beyond, and is heavily involved himself with the production of the actual Hellboy movies.
The Hellboy related comic book series remain in constant demand by fans. John Byrne dialogued the very first Hellboy mini-series and with Mignola’s time at a premium these days he has branched out, allowing more co-creators to share in and empower his vision further.
This year Hellboy: Darkness Calls features a new regular artist in Britain’s own Duncan Fegredo. At least two BPRD spin-offs are intended (BPRD: Garden of Souls. co-written with John Arcudi with art by Guy Davis and the retro-fitted BPRD: 1946 co-written with Joshua Dysart and drawn by Paul Azaceta), plus solo books are intended for supporting characters like Abe Sapien and Lobster Johnson, alongside the regular collections that may include new material.

To order advance BICS 2007 tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk
For more information on Hellboy visit: www.Hellboy.com

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