Moonstone Solicitations - April '05

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Click to enlargeThe CISCO KID TPB
Story: Jim Duffy
Art: Jerry DeCaire

96pgs, b/w, 7" x 10", SC, $10.95
rated: PG-13
ISBN: 0-9748501-8-7 

O'Henry's tragic anti-hero, THE CISCO KID looks for meaning in a squalid life of crime and violence, as the dark secret he harbors eats away at his soul like a jagged tooth demon. While he's busy drinking his problems away, a gang of outlaws take a sharp dislike to him, and steal the only thing he's got worth having...a locket with the picture of the woman who haunts his
every step. CISCO tracks them, and discovers that they're part of a larger outfit that shanghais defenseless Mexican women and children to sell to the highest bidder. Hot after these thugs as well is PANCHO, who has family at the kidnappers' compound he must free! The two, motivated by very different instincts, form an uneasy truce to scrape this band of outlaw scum off the face of the old west! 

This gray-toned noir tale is wrung onto the page by (The Discovery Channel) Jim Duffy and (Wolverine) Jerry DeCaire!
Reprints the acclaimed 3-issue mini series!

"This book captures the beads of sweat and the dust on the forehead and neck. I loved it." -Alex Ness/Pop Thought
"…writer Jim Duffy brings a harsher edge to the property with this new incarnation. DeCaire's sketchy artwork suits the arid nature of the setting and the raw qualities of the characters nicely." -TheFourthRail.com

Click to enlargeWYATT EARP: DODGE CITY#2
Story: Chuck Dixon
Art: Enrique Villagran
Cover: Enrique Villagran/ Mike Kowalczyk

32pgs, b/w, rated PG-13, $2.95

WYATT and his posse knock HARDESTY into jail for the arson at the whorehouse, making him all the less popular with the strongmen of DODGE CITY. But the Marshall likes things tight, and demanding all firearms to be abandoned upon the city's limits is the tug that sets the town on FIRE. A band of drovers set on the jail, seeking to free their outlaw friends, and maybe stringing WYATT and DOC from a tree for the hell of it. 
Slick papered, grey-toned western rock & roll by the action-master Chuck Dixon!

Click to enlargeThe CISCO KID: Gunfire & Brimstone #1
Story: Len Kody
Art: Dennis Calero

32pgs, grey-toned b/w, slick paper, $2.95
Rated "R"

THE CISCO KID chases the Brujera straight into a trap laid by a Texas RANGER and his crafty Indian partner.
The Ranger's set to fight fair against Cisco, as is his way, but Cisco's mouth is about to get him murdered. There's also a very strange gorgeous woman who wants him in a bad way…but her motives are shrouded in dreams. As if that wasn't enough HASSLE, Tonia's father, a powerful shaman, steps out of the smoke with his own claim to Cisco's LIFE!
Cinematic grey-toned western action by (Conan litho) artist Dennis Calero!

Click to enlargeGERONIMO: Last Apache Warrior #1
Story: Eric Griffin
Art: Chaz Truog

32pgs, b/w, $2.95
Mature audiences

The triumphant return of artist Chaz ("Animal Man") Truog!

GERONIMO and his outnumbered warriors are ensnared between both the army of Mexico and The United States. 
He tells his men the tale of his first war party, and the strange lesson that the dead have taught him. At dawn they all may die, or they may live, if only as devils in the mind of the white man.
Slick-paper gut-wrenching western action from novelist Eric Griffin & dream catcher Chaz Truog! 

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeKOLCHAK: Tales of the Night Stalker #6
Story: Dave Ulanski
Art: Kirk Jarvinen, Keith Williams
Covers: Dave Ulanski & Harry Roland

32pgs, COLOR, rated PG, $3.50

"Proximity," part 2 of 2 Is he mummy, is he vampire, or is he... both? The spirit of Imjah Ra continues to plague Carl Kolchak and an L.A. Museum employee. Now, they must travel around the world to Egypt to find a tomb about to be forever buried, and replace some stolen artifacts in hopes of lifting a terrible curse. Failure means that the creature will drain enough of their life force to return to life, and walk the earth again! Hey, Carl... how do you stake a vampire that's had its heart removed centuries ago..?
Cover ships with 50/50 spilt, by classic Famous Monsters cover painter Harry Roland; and Dave Ulanski

Artwork by Alex Ross
The ghoulishly sexy cover painted by Alex Ross for the first issue of G.R.A.V.E. GRRRLS: DESTROYERS OF THE DEAD is now available as a full color 18 x 24 poster. This striking image of a semi-nude Suzi Sioux being molested by a flesh hungry zombie is the first 'cheesecake' cover ever done by Mr. Ross, making this a very special piece indeed! And to make it even more special, we're offering this poster at an amazingly low introductory price!!!

Poster…(100# gloss), $3.99.

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