Moonstone Solicitations - June '05

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Click to enlargeBELLE STARR: Queen of Bandits #1

Story: Mark Ricketts
Art: Steve Buccellato
Cover: David Michael Beck
32pgs, grey-toned slick b/w, mature, $2.95

Who Killed Belle Starr? Join ("Iron Man") writer Mark Ricketts & ("Batman: Death & the Maidens") artist Steve Buccellatto, as they spin a whole new kind of solution to one of history's most stirring mysteries!

Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge

BELLE STARR, infamous lady outlaw of the old west, recounts her life story to an eager journalist. From debutante to debaucher, she paints him an image of a beautiful woman driven bad by hunger and hard men. She moves from town to town, seeking any place to hide from her one true demon. But this night, it has all caught up with her, and she has no choice but to turn and fight. But there's no such thing as a fair fight in the WILD WEST…

Click to enlargeBOSTON BLACKIE: Inside Out

Story: Stefan Petrucha
Art: Chris Burnham 
Cover: Dave Dorman 
48pgs, b/w, mature readers, $4.95

The suave safe-cracker returns! A woman from BOSTON BLACKIE's past comes to him for help. Her son is sitting on death row for a murder she knows he did not commit. Quickly getting himself some short time for a job any fool could sleepwalk through, BLACKIE finds that the rotten warden may have a hand in the man's execution. What is he hiding, and why does he fear the work of the nebbish criminologist? More importantly, can BLACKIE tie all these frayed ends together before an innocent man is, as the mugs say, "WESTINGHOUSED"? 

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Another Tale dripping with Noir, with a painted Dave Dorman cover!

Click to enlargeREVISIONARY #1

Story: Paul D. Storrie
Art: Eric J 
32pgs, b/w, mature readers, $2.95

New series by "Gotham Girl's" Paul D. Storrie & "Rex Mundi's" Eric J ! Making a fortune duping people never bothered Randall Gordon. Not until the TV psychic was given what he never really wanted - true precognition! Haunted by nightmares of the tragedies he doesn't prevent, his 'gift' soon leads him to Vegas and forces him to ante up in a high stakes game of life and death. Problem is, having visions of the future is no guarantee you'll live to see it.

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Click to enlargeTHE PHANTOM #7

Story: Ben Raab
Pencils: Pat Quinn
Inks: Ken Wheaton
Color: tba
Cover: Doug Klauba (this is not the final version of the cover)
32pgsa, COLOR, PG-13, $3.50

They're back! Ben Raab and Pat Quinn! Now, let the action begin! The deadly SKY BANDITS hijack a plane carrying four millionaires in a daring caper that must be seen to be believed! THE PHANTOM sets a trap for them that they all too eagerly step into. But when the lights go on it's THE PHANTOM who is caught by the beautiful SKY QUEEN! Deep in her lair, a shackled PHANTOM must confront a challenge no SKULL RING could punch it's way out of!

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