Moonstone Solicitations - October '05

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Click to enlargeBOSTON BLACKIE: "Bloody Shame" TPB
Story: Stefan Petrucha(X-Files)
Art: Kirk Van Wormer,(Vampirella) Chris Burnham(Kolchak)
Cover: DAVE DORMAN (Star Wars)

Suave safe-cracker/ ex-con, Boston Blackie is misunderstood…a lot.

This New TPB contains TWO full-length rock 'em sock 'em features: First a jewel heist goes horribly wrong. A five-year-old boy disappears, is presumed dead, and all fingers point to BOSTON BLACKIE. The body is never found, and seven years later BB is still haunted by what happened that night. 

And an ALL NEW 48pg Noir Thriller: A woman from BLACKIE's past comes to him for help. Her son is sitting on death row for a murder she knows he did not commit. Quickly getting himself some short time, BLACKIE finds that the rotten warden may have a hand in the man's execution.

"A time when dames are dames, coppers are coppers, and no one ever wins completely. Petrucha's terse hard boiled prose is perfectly matched by the b/w art of Van Wormer, who captures the flavor of the genre." --The SF Site

96pgs, mature readers, squarebound, b/w, 6" x 8", $9.89

***Retailer incentive: Buy three get one free!***

Click to enlargeKolchak: Tales of the Night Stalker #7
Story: Dave Ulanski
Art: Kirk Jarvinen
Inks: Keith Williams
Colors: Wally Lowe

The Man-Eating Shadow has returned to the streets of New Orleans (from issue#1), and Carl Kolchak was happy to get out of Louisiana with the meat still on his bones after his last visit! 
But when the Skeleton Murders begin again, and there is an apparent connection between them, the shadow, and the growing number of plant-monsters turning up... 
Kolchak is willing to put his job on the line to learn what it is. But a terrible fate awaits our under-appreciated reporter, and you will not believe the shocking conclusion!

Ships with two covers, one by Dave Dorman and the other by Dave Ulanski, in a 50/50 split.

32pgs, COLOR, $3.50, rated PG

***Retailer incentive: Buy three get one free!***

Click to enlargeVengeance of the Mummy #2
Story: Justin Gray
Art: Zeu
Cover: Kalman Andrasofszky

JENNA, alive now only through the power of the BANDAGES that she is wrapped in, begins her assault on the men who murdered her fiance. Unfortunately, that is exactly what these men expected her to do. They have laid a trap that may destroy what little humanity in her she still grasps to. Will her new power and desire to destroy those who made her a MONSTER be enough? A Moonstone THRILLER by (Hawkman) Justin Gray!

32pgs, slick paper B/W, $2.95 - 26pgs of story!

***Retailer incentive: Buy three get one free!***

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