Moonstone Solicitations - September '05

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GERONIMO: "The Last Apache Warrior" GN
Story: Eric Griffin
Art: Chaz Truog

64pgs, B/W, slick paper, squarebound, $7.95
Mature readers

An ALL NEW complete Geronimo tale!

As two armies surround GERONIMO and his small band of fighters, he offers them what little solace he can. He tells them the tale of his first war party, and also of the trials he has faced for the love of a woman. Between these places of love and death, his warriors are informed of what it is truly to be a man, and of what devotion it will take to win the great battle that awaits them in the morning.


Lai Wan: Dream Walker #1
Story: CJ Henderson
Art: Shawn McGuan
Inks: Chad Hunt
Cover: Jim Pavelec

32pgs, slick b/w, $2.95

Straight from the "Teddy London" novel series! 

LAI WAN is a mysterious and beautiful woman with dangerous psychometric powers. The New York City police are desperate to stop a serial killer and begrudgingly enlist her help. But what began as almost a joke, bringing a so-called psychic sleuth onto the case, soon spirals far out of their control as LAI WAN's own desire for revenge against the killer goes well beyond any earthly sense of justice.

By ("Batman/Punisher") scribe CJ Henderson!

Vengeance of the Mummy #1
Story: Justin Gray
Art: Eliseu Gouvia-Zeu
Cover: Kalman Andrasofszky

32pgs, slick b/w, $2.95

Three scientists on the verge of a discovery that will change the face of modern medicine: a bandage that grafts directly to the skin of an injured person and heals them. These scientists are also trapped in a love triangle which will push the rejected party to MURDER. But as plans go wrong a new function of the BANDAGES is discovered: the ability to bring the dead back to life! With her lover dead, JENNA, wrapped tight like the mummies of old, seeks Vengeance. But the guilty party is hidden by a crime lord who wants the bandages for his own dark schemes, so she must hope that the power she now wields is worth the price of her soul.

Tag along with (Hawkman's) Justin Gray, Eliseu Gouvia-Zeu, and ("Infantry's") Kalman Andraofszky, for an unforgettable spooky thrill ride!

Wyatt Earp: Dodge City #3
By: Chuck Dixon & Enrique Villagran

As the powers-that-be try to reinstate their lawless ways on Dodge City, WYATT EARP gets drunk. Real drunk. From this abyss he must pull himself up, becoming stronger with every hand full of hell-dirt he claws. Finally, in a place both physically and mentally that would leave most men dead, Wyatt's will forces him back into focus on the job he must do to feel human once more.

"…the action and tension really take hold of the reader. This is an entertaining yarn about a conflict between idealism and anarchy, and it does the legend upon which it is based proud…" -TheFourthRail.com

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