Moonstone Solicitations: September 2006

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Click to enlargeClick to enlargeWritten by Tom DeFalco, CJ Henderson, Dave Ulanski
Art by: Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Ron Harris, Keith Williams, Dan Dougherty
Covers: by Dave Aikins and Dave Ulanski (ship in a 50/50 split)

Another special issue featuring three chilling tales, including one by the current “Spidergirl” creative team!

After being fired from the Hollywood Dispatch, Kolchak must find a new way to pay the bills. In “Fifteen Minutes,” our hero joins a team of ghost chasers, where he encounters a house with a very unhappy extra resident. Then, still a reporter at heart, he looks into a “Family Business” to learn why something from beyond the grave is killing truck drivers. And finally, Carl’s new buddies try to give him “A Clue to the Truth” about why he’s cut out for this work, by sending him on an eerie yet spiritual journey. Nothing says “Halloween” like ghosts and Kolchak the Night Stalker!

48 pages, black & white, $4.95


Click to enlargeWritten by: John Cork
Comic Book Adaptation: Christopher Mills
Art/Colors: Christopher LaGasse
Cover: Attila Adorjany

96pgs, squarebound, color, mature, $12.95

A freaky read from the producer of the film “Menace II Society”.
You’ve read the 99cent teaser, now its time to grab onto the real deal!
The FIRST full co-venture between MOONSTONE and film publisher CINEMAGRAPHIX!

An ordinary traveling salesman on an uneventful trip through the Midwest, until, that is, he picks up a seriously ill hitch hiker. That's when the pounding HEADACHES start... & bizarre HALLUCINATIONS... & the creeping paranoia... MISSING TIME... & all those MUTILATED BODIES....
A dedicated family man, all Hurdis Jones wants to do is make it home to his worried wife and kids. But his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror.

“Cinematic storytelling takes you on a relentless ride in this top-notch thriller. Smart, dark, sexy, and at times brutal.” -Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition


Click to enlargeClick to enlargeWritten by Mike Bullock
Art by Gabriel Rearte
Colors by Ken Wolak
Cover by Joe Prado & Rod Reis
Premium cover by Ruben Procopio & Brad Vancata (Limited to no more than 2000 copies)

"TIGER’S BLOOD” Part 1 of 2


When poachers come ashore in Bangalla to harvest the organs of jungle cats, they soon discover they’re the ones being hunted. However, these are more than just ordinary poachers and just what do they want with these organs? And who is the mysterious man in the bar? New regular series writer Mike “Lions, Tigers and Bears” Bullock begins his run here, with new cover artist Joe “Rann-Thanagar War” Prado.

ADDED Bonus feature: a new on-going column on Phantom history and lore by Phantom Scholar Ed Rhoades: “Behind the Mask”!

SEP 06 • 32 pg • FC • $3.50

"This is a title revels in what is right about the character…" - Pop Thought

“Moonstone has spared no expense in putting together an attractive, quality product..” – Silver Bullet Comic Books

“[Moonstone] captures the adventure and fun that made the character a legend.” - The 4th Rail

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