Murciélaga She-Bat #8 On Sale Now

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After an absence of eight years, America's foremost Latin heroine, Murciélaga She-Bat, returns at last in a ten-issue bimonthly comic book series from Heroic Publishing and Studio G, featuring her classic adventures combined with new stories by her creator, the Russ Manning award-winning Dærick Gröss Sr.

In Murciélaga She-Bat #8, hidden secrets of America's foremost Latin heroine will be revealed at last in "A Night in the Life," with story and artwork by Dærick Gröss Sr., featuring guest appearances by Murciélaga's Reiki Warriors partner, Soliloquy Jones, and her oldest enemy, Mister Slimey.


Also in this issue, for the first time in color, Murciélaga finds herself caught up in a conspiracy of mystery involving six mystic rings and the occult criminal organization, DEMON.
Chapter One of "Rings for a Demon" is by Martin Powell, Patrick Oliffe, and Rob Lansley, with color work by Dærick Gröss Sr. himself.

The eight-part "Rings for a Demon" sequence, which originally saw print in the mid-1990s as black-and-white back-up features in various Heroic Publishing titles, will be serialized in color in Murciélaga She-Bat #8-15, and lead directly into issue #16, with a book-length adventure featuring the return of Dærick Gröss's Reiki Warriors.



The goal of this new Murciélaga series is to bring America's foremost Latin heroine to the attention of a new generation of comic book readers. In addition to her classic adventures, the series will present at least two completely new Murciélaga tales written and drawn by Dærick Gröss Sr.

More interior previews can be found via http://www.heroicpub.com/previews.

Heroic Publishing's full-color comic book titles are now distributed exclusively through the new ComicsMonkey distribution service, www.comicsmonkey.com.
Single copy purchases can be made from the Heroic Publishing website at www.heroicpub.com, or from IndyPlanet at www.indyplanet.com.

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