Narwain Adds Super Punch

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Coming early next year…Narwain Publishing will unveil several exciting new superhero titles, adding even more variety to the eclectic comics panorama offered by the publisher of "Jenna" and "Free Fall." With such well-known comic creators as Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Rick Leonardi, Ron Wagner and Andy Smith involved, you know that the all-new titles "Neptune" and "The Rise of the Tiger" are going to be fantastic!

Palmiotti and Gray, the creative duo that brought you "Monolith" and "Hawkman" will reteam for "Neptune." This comic will feature epic superhero action as a super villain terrorist tries to destroy the fragile peace between Atlantis and the surface world in order to launch a global war. Only one man, possessing the power of the god Neptune, stands in his way! Watch for "Neptune" to surface in January.

"The Rise of Tiger" brings a classic character to a whole new world of readers. In collaboration with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Narwain will present the new comic adventures of Tiger Mask, a hero who has dazzled Japanese wrestling fans for decades! Tiger Mask will face his villains both inside the ring and outside, while serving the greater good and bringing justice to the people. The book is written by Gianluca Piredda (already familiar to Narwain fans for his hotly anticipated heist thriller "Free Fall") with art by Marvel mainstay and former CrossGen artist Ron Wagner ("Punisher", "Morbius", "The First").

"The Rise of the Tiger" is a 32-page monthly comic, which also features news with interviews from the world of the NJPW.

The partnership between Narwain, NJPW, and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) expands with the all-new "NWA Magazine." This first magazine ever dedicated to the NWA will feature interviews, news, in-depth articles, comics, a direct lifeline for all the fans of the world's biggest wrestling federation. The NWA is home to top name combatants like Ric Flair, Sting, and gods of the ring like Primo Carnera. As if the magazine wasn't enough, each issue will contain a DVD with a selection of the most exciting NWA matches.

Filmmaker Brian Yuzna, who launches Narwain's flagship title "Horrorama" in November, returns in 2006 with "Metamorphosis"! Yuzna and collaborator Dario Maria Gulli will write this one-shot. Rick Leonardi (who's drawn too many Marvel and DC superheroes to list here) will be pencilling the book with veteran comic creator Joe Rubinstein slinging the inks. Metamorphosis tells the story of a baseball player who has everything he could want out of life, up until the day he gets one injection too many. Caution: this book is for hardcore horror fans only and not for those with a weak stomach!

"Hawaiian Dick" creator B. Clay Moore brings us "The Modern Man", illustrated by Greg Giordano. This new bi-monthly mini-series chronicles the adventures of Teddy Walker, an average eighteen year-old in swinging sixties London. He has a decent job in a record store, an attractive girlfriend, a niece and nephew who adore him, and spends his nights dancing until dawn with his friends in mod clubs all over London. So it's no wonder his world is turned upside down when three interstellar superheroes blast through a nightclub to inform him that he's the new protector of the universe. Teddy has no desire to leave earth behind to fight cosmic menaces, despite possessing some wicked new powers. But he can't escape his fate as the Modern Man, and eventually those cosmic menaces come looking for him.

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeIn the tradition of "Brian Yuzna's Horrorama", Narwain is pleased to announce "Tales from a Forgotten Planet", a one-shot anthology focusing on the science fiction genre. It's due out in January with a crew of stellar writers and artists on board. Look for contributions from Bryan Talbot, Ben Dunn, Amber Greenlee and more! There'll be exclusive previews of the book at http://www.narwain.com

Next up is "Connect", dealing with cutting-edge topics like nanotechnology and Internet, while paying tribute to the godfather of modern comics: Stan Lee! Set on a college campus, "Connect" features a twenty-year-old hero who works by day as a janitor and by night becomes an elusive hacker. A strange event him superpowers that allow him to jack in to the global network using his mind alone. But that's not all: his transformation is also a physical one...and he's not at all prepared for it!

And finally, 2006 will see the sequel to the existential horror masterpiece, "Wall After Wall." In this second episode, Mark - the deformed teenager conceived during the explosion at Chernobyl - is back, and he's searching for a new purpose in life. After the death of his father and his betrayal by the priest, Mark is now looking for someone who can show him the way. "Wall After Wall" features an introduction by horror genius Tom Savini. "Wall After Wall 2" is written by Dario Maria Gulli with art by Jesus Baron, an rising star in the European comics scene. The cover art is by Peter Pauchomis.

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