Neal Adams' "The Reconcilers" To Premier At SDCC 2010

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Viking Warrior Press announces the premier Of "The Reconcilers" Graphic Novel from Comics Legend Neal Adams, Multi-Award winning Writer/Actor Erik Jensen and Two-Time Eisner Nominee Shepherd Hendrix at Comic-Con International in San Diego July 22, 2010.

Thrilling, provocative, and timely, THE RECONCILERS from comics legend Neal Adams, acclaimed artist Shepherd Hendrix, award winning writer/co-creator Erik Jensen, and co-creators R. Emery Bright and Jens Pil Pilegaard, is a graphic novel of epic adventure, with a compelling visual style, and uncanny topical punch.

It is 2165. The world has entered a new dark age as ordinary people scratch out a living in the squalid ruins of their grandparents’ civilizations. The concept of nationhood is dead.  Mega-Corps rule all aspects of life, and maintain control by mining and selling the only energy source left – “Liberty Ore,” a rare and mysterious blue-green substance buried beneath the Moon’s surface.

After a protracted and crippling war between Mega-Corporations, EXECUTIVE OUTCOME (EO), a powerful, enigmatic security organization declares military conflict illegal. Pursuant to EO’s Book of Outcomes, disputes between corporations may only be resolved through Reconciliation – bloody, globally televised trial-by-combat spectacles designed to enthrall and pacify the masses.  The “best of the best” of these professional killing teams is owned by one MAXIMILLIAN SOKOR, professional despot, hero of the Holy Outcome, and Executive Chairman of the largest of the Major Corporations.

But when SEAN HEXHAMMER, a working class “ore-jockey” for a small-time wildcat mining outfit discovers the largest Liberty Ore deposit known to man; his actions shake the tenuous order of the world and bring the tormented past Hexhammer had buried roaring to the surface.  Hexhammer is forced to return to the violent life he abandoned and assemble an unlikely team of Reconcilers to fight for the future.

It’s Pale Rider meets Blade Runner; if “Pale Rider” had been set in a dystopian 23rd Century it would probably look a little something like “The Reconcilers”. 




Guided by comics legend Neal Adams, the graphic novel’s creative team is comprised of notable up-and-comers in the comics and entertainment industry: multi-award winning writer/actor Erik Jensen, Two-time Eisner nominated artist Shepherd Hendrix, award winning writer-director Jens Pil Pilegaard and actor-writer-producer R. Emery Bright.    

The graphic novel’s heart lies in the diversity of all of the “Vikings and Warriors” involved in the project.  The company is ethnically, culturally and spiritually varied, with associates hailing from various part of the globe – Liberia, Denmark, Turkey, Central America, and the Islands of Cuba, Manhattan and California.

Viking Warrior is donating a portion of the profits from book sales at Comic-Con to victims of the Gulf oil spill. The graphic novel which retails at $14.99 is currently available for pre-order on Amazon or via Pay Pal at www.TheReconcilers.com. The book is expected in stores this Fall.

For additional information please visit www.TheReconcilers.com or email contact@TheReconcilers.com.

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